College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Strengthen Our Endowment

Nothing is more important to a school's long-term financial health and stability than a strong endowment. 

Endowments flourish in two ways: 1) through investment returns, and 2) through new contributions. The principal of a new contribution is invested and generates income and market appreciation, a portion of which supports School operations annually while the rest is reinvested, allowing the balance to grow over time.

Our endowment fundraising priorities are:

  • Financial Aid: Holton seeks to attract the finest students. The Holton experience is enriched by the unique perspectives and array of talents each girl contributes to the learning environment.
  • Faculty Support: Endowment for Faculty Support honors and celebrates our outstanding faculty and enhances the learning experiences of our students by providing teachers with opportunities for professional development. The Promise Campaign is seeking to establish endowed funds and endowed instructorships as well as to provide a significant professional development experience for every faculty member at least once every 3 years.
  • Global Education: Holton's Global Education curriculum prepares students to become agents of positive change locally, nationally, and globally. The School creates opportunities inside and outside of the classroom for students to explore the world, develop disciplinary and interdisciplinary expertise, recognize and understand multiple perspectives, and discover the potential to impact their own communities and beyond.
  • Undesignated Endowment: Undesignated Endowment support allows the School the financial flexibility to fund needs we cannot anticipate and the agility to respond to the needs of today. The need for Undesignated Endowment is infinite and will forever be an institutional priority. 
Generosity from community members like you is how we make our way.
Make a gift to the Promise Campaign today.