College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

The Holton Fund FAQs

What is The Holton Fund?

The Holton Fund is the School's annual giving program and primary fundraising effort. Each year, The Holton Fund raises necessary funds that touch every student's life at Holton. These funds allow the School to maintain its high standard of academic excellence by providing funding for the School's most immediate needs.

Why does Holton need to raise money?

Simply put, tuition does not cover the entire cost of a Holton education. As an independent school, Holton does not receive funding from government entities. Tuition and fees cover only a portion of the School's annual operating budget. The remainder comes from ancillary sources such as The Holton Fund, the School's endowment, Creative Summer, and other programs.

I already pay tuition. Why should I participate in The Holton Fund?

Holton strives to make tuition affordable while sustaining small classes and student to faculty ratio. Because tuition and fees do not cover the total cost of what it takes to provide a Holton education each year, the School relies on the generosity of families and others to help close the gap. Your participation in The Holton Fund clearly demonstrates that Holton is an excellent school with strong support from key stakeholders. It shows your satisfaction and belief in the School's mission to those outside the School, such as prospective families, foundations, and rating agencies.

Who is asked to give to The Holton Fund?

Everyone in the Holton community – trustees, alumnae, current families, faculty, staff, parents of our graduates, and grandparents – is asked to make a donation to The Holton Fund each year by June 30.

How much does Holton expect me to give?

Gifts of any size support the current school year and make a meaningful difference. Only you and your family can determine the appropriate amount, but we ask that you be as generous as possible. During the 2017-2018 academic year, 87% of our current parents participated in The Holton Fund. Any donation, no matter the size, makes a powerful statement on your belief and support of the mission of Holton-Arms.

How do I decide which initiative to support?

Between The Holton Fund, the Promise Campaign, the Holton Online Auction and Premiere Party, there are many ways to give back to Holton. The Holton Fund remains the School’s primary fundraising effort and we ask each family to participate in this effort first and foremost. If, in addition to The Holton Fund, you would like to support one of our other fundraising initiatives, we encourage you to choose what interests you the most and what you feel will have the most meaningful impact for your family.

What is the difference between The Holton Fund and capital/endowment gifts?

Gifts to The Holton Fund are solicited annually and fund the current year budget. Gifts to capital projects and the endowment through our Promise Campaign are generally larger—typically paid over three to five years—and fund long-term projects to ensure the future stability of the School.

What is considered a leadership gift?

Holton Fund gifts of $1,901 (the year of Holton’s founding) or more are considered leadership gifts. These donors become members of one of the following leadership groups within our 1901 Founders Society:

Head's Circle$25,000 and above
Bridge Builders $10,000 to $24,999
Della Robbia Circle$5,000 to $9,999
Granger House Circle$2,500 to $4,999
Holton-Arms Partners$1,901 to $2,499

How are donors and volunteers recognized?

All donors and volunteers are recognized annually in our online Annual Report. Additionally, members of the 1901 Founders Society and donors who have cumulatively given $1,901 or more to the School (excluding auction purchases) are invited to the Philanthropic Leadership Reception with the Head of School and trustees in the fall of the following year. For those supporting the Promise Campaign, donors can choose to name endowed funds, faculty chair and instructor-ship positions, or physical spaces in the Learning Commons.