College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

The Holton Fund

Supporting the Holton Experience

At Holton, each student is guided by one simple belief: when you truly know yourself, you can best contribute to your community, and make a vital impact in the world. Led by the finest teachers who are the catalysts for self-discovery, each Holton girl develops the skills and capabilities that look beyond the what, to the underlying why. While learning to see the bigger picture, whether in the classroom, on the stage or on the field, Holton girls combine their distinctive strengths, experiences, and ideas to uplift and strengthen one another. And with compassion and kindness at the heart of the Holton community, these young women will become the next generation of global leaders, ready to make the world a better place.

This is what a Holton education is all about. The Holton Fund makes this possible.

Each year, we ask our Holton community to invest in our School with a charitable donation to The Holton Fund. These annual gifts catapult Holton to new heights so that our School remains flexible, dynamic, and innovative - just like the world our students live in.

The Holton Fund supports a critical piece of our operating budget each year, touching all parts of the Holton experience, but specifically:

  • Compensation and benefits for our talented and dedicated teachers;
  • Financial assistance to support a distinctive and diverse learning environment;
  • Equipment and supplies for academic, arts, and athletics programs;
  • Professional development for faculty and staff;
  • Innovations to our rich curricular offerings;
  • Upgrades to instructional technology; and
  • Maintenance of our campus and facilities.

As a community, support for the Holton Fund demonstrates our commitment to the School today and to future generations of women whose Holton experience will inspire them to make a difference in our world. 

Questions about supporting The Holton Fund or becoming a volunteer?

Please contact Alison Wacker, Director of Annual & Special Gifts, at 301.365.6079.

2022-2023 Holton Fund Parent Committee

Parent Co-Chairs

Katherine and David Lugar

Hillary Davidson and Jordan Goldstein

New Parent Chairs

Christine and Jeremy Schwer

US Division Chairs

Kim and Jonathan Klein

MS Division Chairs

Katie and Greg Gilbert

LS Division Chairs

Shivani and Rishi Gupta

Class of 2023 Grade Chairs

Audrey Ellis and Adam Chud

Vicky and Chip Magid

Class of 2024 Grade Chairs

Jennifer and Nick Serenyi

Kristen Stolte and John Thomas

Class of 2025 Grade Chairs

Kristin and Ben Attiogbe

Radha and Zachary Cohen

Audrey and Matthew Robertson 

Renee Thomas-Spencer and Roderick Spencer

Class of 2026 Grade Chairs

Tina and Wale Adeleye

Melissa and James Dennis

Tiffany and Anthony Kittrell

Class of 2027 Grade Chairs

Valentina and Miguel Aldaz

Robyn and Jeremy Bash

Katie and Pullen Daniel

Julie and Tim Herwig

Class of 2028 Grade Chairs

Jennifer and Tom Krajewski

Abigail and Adam Sharon

Norah Shire and Bernard Dardzinski

Class of 2029 Grade Chairs

Melissa Collins Di Leornardo and Al Di Leonardo

Divya Kumar-Dumas '94 and Aurelien Dumas

Class of 2030 Grade Chairs

Lucia and Chuck Cassidy

Jamie and Andy Cross

Jaynie and Stephen Lilley

Class of 2031 Grade Chairs

Tina Gaddy

Nickole and Ash Sharp

Class of 2032 Grade Chairs

Kike and Peter Bejide

Katrina Hill