College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

The Holton Fund

Supporting the Holton Experience

The Holton Fund is the primary fundraising effort at Holton-Arms. The School depends on ongoing annual contributions to sustain daily activities, to support excellent faculty, and to look toward the future. From lab equipment to computers, financial aid to sports activities, art classes to school plays, the Holton Fund supports the people and programs that make up the Holton experience for every girl, every day. Since tuition alone does not cover the cost of a Holton education, gifts to the Holton Fund provide funding for the School’s most immediate needs:

  • Compensation and benefits for our talented and dedicated teachers;
  • Financial assistance to support a distinctive & diverse learning environment;
  • Equipment and supplies for academic, arts, and athletics programs;
  • Professional development for faculty and staff;
  • Innovations to our rich curricular offerings;
  • Experiential learning opportunities locally, nationally, and globally;
  • Upgrades to instructional technology;
  • Maintenance of our campus and facilities.

As a community, support for The Holton Fund demonstrates our commitment to the School today and to future generations of women whose Holton experience will inspire them to make a difference in a complex and changing world. Each year, we ask all members of the Holton community to make The Holton Fund a philanthropic priority, and we are proud of the strong support from our current families, alumnae, grandparents, alumnae parents, faculty, staff, and friends of the School.

Questions about supporting The Holton Fund or becoming a volunteer for The Holton Fund?

Please contact Alison Wacker, Director of Annual Giving, at 301.365.6079.

Thank You to Our 2019-2020 Holton Fund Volunteers!

Parent Volunteers:

Parent Co-Chairs

Catherine and David Bohigian

Nichole Pardo and Greg Bernstein

Class of 2020 Grade Chairs

Jennifer and Bryant Farland

Vicky and Chip Magid

Jennifer Terry

Class of 2021 Grade Chairs

Lisa and Marc Greathouse

Jill and Jim Hammerschmidt

Robin and Jeremy London

Alisa and Lew Wiener

Class of 2022 Grade Chairs

Victoria Hartke and Jim Crotty

David and Karen Hold

Class of 2023 Grade Chairs

Audrey Ellis and Adam Chud

Kimberly and Bill Hall

Libbie and Randy Feldner

Class of 2024 Grade Chairs

Kim and Patrick Browne

Cameron and Melissa Meierhoefer

Jennifer and Nick Serenyi

Kirsten Stolte and John Thomas

Class of 2025 Grade Chairs

Hillary Davidson and Jordan Goldstein

Christine and Jeremy Schwer

Class of 2026 Grade Chairs

Sara and Sam Feder

Colette Devine and Adrian Kutko

Class of 2027 Grade Chair

Robyn and Jeremy Bash

Michelle and Sean Rogers

Class of 2028 Grade Chairs

Joshua and Sandra '86 Lippard

Class of 2029 Grade Chair

Divya Kumar-Dumas '94 and Aurelien Dumas

Kristina Esposito and Haywood Esposito-Talcove