College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Since 2015, Holton-Arms has been working on a transformative philanthropic initiative, The Promise of Holton-Arms: The Campaign for Our Future. And our supporters did not disappoint. Donors rallied to contribute an impressive $27,493,806, making The Promise the most successful campaign in school history.

As is typical of campaigns, the Promise Campaign had multiple pragmatic and aspirational priorities: celebrate great teaching, extend the Holton experience to more girls through financial aid, enhance the learning experience of students, open a world of opportunity through our signature global education program, modernize and upgrade several spaces, and encourage donors to make an immediate impact through the Holton Fund. 

I want to thank the many donors and volunteers who achieved this milestone for Holton. To our Campaign co-chairs, Susie Cole Wean ’67 and Dave Pollin P ’21 – thank you for your generosity, effort, tenacity and humor – your leadership will forever be felt. Thank you also to many other volunteer fundraisers for being the very best ambassadors for us over time.

In this Report on Giving, we will highlight a few donor stories, and there are so many more that could be told. The Promise results were accomplished by hundreds of donors who collectively made a huge difference for the School. We are already feeling some of that impact through endowed funds, and more is yet to come. We are also very excited to break ground on our Learning Commons this summer. On behalf of all our students, present and future, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the success of this historic effort.

Susanna A. Jones, Head of School

Please join me in celebrating all of the donors and volunteers recognized in this Report on Giving. Their support of The Promise Campaign secures the future for the students of today and tomorrow.

We are tremendously grateful for donors who strengthen the school by their generosity. Holton’s donors have enabled us to extend the Holton experience to more students through financial aid, build a nationally recognized Global Education program, support and recognize great teachers, and increase our endowment and annual unrestricted gifts. Please be sure to review the list of our wonderful volunteers. We deeply depend on their gifts of time.

On behalf of all of the members of the Board of Trustees, I thank you for your contributions to Holton. Your continued support of our School establishes that the journey is bright for Holton students now and into the distant future.  

Adrena Ifill Blagburn ‘87, Chair of the Board

$1,000,000 to endow the Global Education Fund from the Badger-Mars Foundation and Jacquie Mars P ’83

Our donors established the first 2 instructorships in school history: The Sweet Instructorship in STEM and The Charles Snowden Piggot Endowed Science Instructorship

44 new named endowed funds at $100,000 and above supporting financial aid and teaching excellence, and more!

$17,000,000 in unrestricted support since 2015 helped renovate the Marriott Gymnasium.

We will create a new Learning Commons, with groundbreaking planned for June 2023, with named spaces including a Café from the Freeman Foundation/Michelle Freeman, an outdoor classroom, named by Dede Buchanan Wilsey ’61 and an outdoor patio gathering space also named by the Freeman Foundation/Michelle Freeman.


Special thanks to our wonderful co-chairs Susie Cole Wean ’67 and Dave Pollin P ’21. 

Your leadership has been extraordinary.

Thanks also to members of the Campaign Steering Committee: Sharlene Petry Amitay ’85, Jim Darcey P ’20, ’23, Martha Dippell ’68, P ’05, ’08, ’15, Nicole Lamb-Hale P ’18, Claudia Mispireta Hinsch ’85 P ’12, ’23, Leslie Lawley P ’12, 15, Mark Ordan P ’25, Cynthia Stroman P ’14, ’21, and Howard Taylor P ’09, ’15.

We are grateful to the more than 2,000 donors who have made this possible for the people and programs of Holton!