College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Last year was an incredible exercise in resilience for the Holton-Arms community. Although it was extraordinarily difficult and unconventional at times, we continued teaching our students and they continued learning. Our students demonstrated enormous grit and determination under unprecedented circumstances. And our faculty and staff rose to meet the challenges of what was arguably the most demanding year in their professional lives. Throughout it all, each member of the Holton community leaned into our motto: find a way or make one. Thanks to the critical support—of time, talent, and treasure—from Trustees, parents and grandparents, alumnae, faculty and staff, students, and friends—I do believe that we are emerging a better and stronger School community. We thank this year’s donors for their unyielding and generous gifts.

Susanna A. Jones, Head of School

Join me in celebrating the donors recognized in the 2020-2021 Report on Giving. Their support was crucial to keeping Holton-Arms School thriving online and in-person last year. We are also tremendously thankful for the tireless dedication, grit, and resolve from our remarkable teachers, agile staff, and intrepid administrators who have embodied the spirit of our motto “find a way or make one.” Enjoy inspiring examples of how gifts and volunteerism directly impact the entire Holton community. On behalf of all members of the Board of Trustees, I thank you for your commitment and generosity to Holton. Your continued support of and belief in the School ensures that the future belongs to Holton girls.

Adrena Ifill Blagburn ‘87, Chair of the Board

After a spring of virtual learning, in September we welcomed students back to campus for 10 Grades in 10 Days. Each grade spent one day learning in person prior to the rollout of the full Hybrid@Holton Learning Model. The program gave both students and faculty and staff alike a chance to practice the many new procedures and protocols necessitated by the pandemic, before larger groups of students and staff began returning to campus in October.

Even while learning virtually, Holton’s teachers showcased their remarkable dedication, creativity, and flexibility, ensuring that students continued to engage deeply and in innovative ways with course content and build core competencies.

Last year proved the resilience of our incredible student body. In our classrooms, on our stages and fields, at the podium and in the pool, our girls develop tenacity, become creative problem-solvers, and find joy in confronting and tackling challenges. It’s a way of life that we cultivate daily and a defining characteristic of our graduates.

Keeping our campus open last School year was the result of the tireless dedication, grit, and resolve from our remarkable teachers, agile staff, and intrepid administrators.