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Community Engagement

Two Lower School students working on art projects.

At Holton, you’ll come to truly know your SELF so that you can best contribute to your COMMUNITY and make a vital impact on the WORLD.

We encourage students to use critical thinking skills to creatively solve problems. We cultivate curiosity, examine injustices, and leverage students' knowledge so that they can actively engage in their communities with empathy, courage, and shared responsibility. By applying classroom knowledge and content to meet authentic community needs, our students become knowledgeable, willing, and eager participants in our social fabric. We ask students to collaborate with communities for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity. 

Using this definition of community engagement the school has set the following program objectives:

Student Leadership 

One of the most important aspects of the Community Engagement Program is that our students lead the way. To that end, Student Community Engagement Committees exist in each division, and are responsible for assisting with a wide range of community engagement opportunities that occur throughout the year. These efforts include planning and implementing projects that address local issues, supporting community-based organizations’ efforts to promote equity and sustainability, and promoting a sense of shared responsibility both within the Holton community and beyond. 

In the Upper School student leadership opportunities also include elected grade-level representatives responsible for sharing information at class meetings, bringing awareness to important community needs, and leading grade-level projects and club participation.

Upper School Graduation Requirements

Student Opportunities in the Community