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Four Middle School students looking at some papers.

Clubs offer a time for our students to explore their interests beyond the classroom environment. The wide array of clubs that touch on many different cultural and personal interests allow students to deepen their current passions or even explore a new interest. They also offer a way for Holton students to create connections, learn to work in groups, and collaborate with other students. Clubs also offer opportunities for them to take on leadership roles.

Middle School Clubs

Middle School Clubs are offered to all students. Many of our Middle School clubs are offered year-round, but a few only run for half a year to accommodate the many clubs and interests our students have.

Full-Year Clubs

  • Adulting/Life Skills
  • ASL Sign Language
  • Community Engagement
  • Graphic Design
  • Jewelry Making
  • Origami
  • PE Games
  • Sketching Club
  • Yearbook

Half-Year Clubs

  • Board Games (1st term)
  • Books, Puzzles & Walks (2nd term)
  • Book Club (1st term)
  • Math Club (1st Term)
  • Yarn and Makeup (2nd term)
  • Global Ed (2nd term)
  • Creative Writing (1st term)

Upper School Clubs

Upper School Offers a variety of clubs for students to pursue passions and explore interest. We also offer a variety of groups for students to connect with their community and share their cultural background with their peers and teachers.

Passions and Interest

  • Architecture and Design 
  • Art Club
  • Chess Club
  • Well Read Women 
  • Culinary Club 
  • Future Faces of Medicine 

Allied and Action Groups 

  • Access (ASL)
  • Environmental Action Club 
  • Young Activist 
  • Black Student Union 
  • East Asia Culture Club 
  • Hispanic and Latinx Student Association 
  • Jewish Culture Club (JCC)
  • and more!

Explore our full selection of clubs

* Some clubs may not be offered every year