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Student Life

Our School is the sum of many parts—its classrooms, its libraries, its playing fields and studios. It is the sum of its curriculum, its counseling, its visual arts and music and theater, its sports contests, its community service, and its annual traditions—from Convocation to Commencement. Most of all, our School is a reflection of the people who live its mission day in and day out—its students, its administrators and teachers, its coaches and staff members, its families, and its graduates. At Holton, all of these parts of our community weave together into a vibrant whole.

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Explore Your Interests

A wide array of clubs that touch many different cultural and personal hobbies allow students to deepen their current passions or even explore new interests.

Explore Club Offerings

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Students Lead The Way

Student community engagement efforts include planning and implementing projects that address local issues, supporting community-based organizations’ efforts to promote equity and sustainability, and promoting a sense of shared responsibility both within the Holton community and beyond. 

Explore Community Engagement

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Outside the Classroom

The academic day starts at 8 and ends at 3:30, but additional time may be spent on campus for athletics, arts, and club responsibilities. 

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