College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Upper School: Grades 9-12

Preparing for a Life of Impact and Meaning

Challenging and diversified academic offerings give Upper School girls the opportunity to build a formidable foundation of knowledge and skills, while taking advanced coursework, pursuing specialized interests, and preparing to lead lives of personal wellness and professional success.

Our teachers are stellar, creative, and selfless mentors and guides to our students, providing encouragement and support that allow young women to push their boundaries and strive.

Ninth-Grade Seminar provides a solid foundation for academic and personal success—helping girls achieve personal wellness and cultural fluency while learning to thrive as individuals, community members, and global citizens.

Such signature Upper School experiences as Junior Journeys, Senior Projects, and off-campus science research with university partners provide opportunities for girls to connect learning to broader contexts and gain invaluable independent learning experience.

Unparalleled access to learning and performance in the arts means opportunities to pursue a longtime passion, explore a new interest, and build additional tools for creative thinking and problem solving.

Competing at the highest level while developing as scholars and nurturing their artistic interests, our student-athletes learn the power of teamwork, discipline, and time management while proudly representing their School.

Holton girls consistently attend the nation’s most highly regarded colleges and universities, but our steadfast aim is to help each student identify and launch whatever college path best aligns with her values and aspirations.

Our ultimate goal is to help each girl develop into a confident, ethical woman with the knowledge, tools, and inclination to make a difference at the regional, national, or global level.