College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Center for the Advancement of STEM

The Holton-Arms Center for the Advancement of STEM is an integrated, grade 3-12 program that capitalizes on Holton faculty, facilities, and strategic partnerships to educate girls to be fluent, not just literate, in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. Holton will continue our rich history of inspiring and preparing girls to find a way or make one in STEM related fields while also leading a new era of innovation in teaching and learning.

The Holton-Arms Center for the Advancement of STEM is comprised of the following six elements:

  • Innovative STEM curriculum grades 3-12
  • STEM Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Activities
  • Science Research Program
  • STEM Scholar Designation
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Faculty Professional Development in STEM

Innovative STEM Curriculum

Holton’s pioneering programs provide a range of STEM opportunities including Design Technology in Lower School and engineering in Upper School. The School has state-of-the-art facilities and a faculty dedicated to encouraging girls to love science and math. Faculty regularly review and revise the curriculum, most recently implementing a Physics First Program.

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STEM Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Activities:

  • LS Robotics Club - science inquiry and robotics
  • MS Engineering Club
  • MS Math Team
  • MS Summer STEAM Camp
  • US Robotics Club
  • US Chemathon Team
  • US Virtual Design and Computer Programing Club
  • National and Regional STEM Competitions

Strategic Partnerships

Holton-Arms has a long history of partnering with organizations in greater Washington, D.C. to enrich the education of our students. In fact in our very first year as a school, Mrs. Holton developed a partnership with the Naval Observatory to use their facilities and equipment for Holton girls to explore the universe. From 1901 to today, Holton continues to engage locally to deepen the educational experience of each student. Our Science Research Program has partners with Georgetown University, Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences,  University of Maryland and George Washington University.

Faculty Professional Development in STEM

As faculty members at Holton-Arms, our STEM teachers stay current in their field with robust professional development incentives and opportunities. Holton-Arms encourages a life-long love of learning by supporting our teachers to take courses, attend conferences, and visit other educational institutions.