College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Middle School: Grades 7 & 8


While establishing a superb grounding in core and specialized subjects, Middle School girls tackle the complexity of adolescence through an intentional and proactive approach to social and emotional wellness.

Eighth Grade Seminar helps girls build a solid and healthy sense of identity by developing skills of self-awareness and empathy—asking such questions as, “Who am I and how do I relate to others, both in my community and throughout the larger world?”

Girls tackle such critical issues as gender, power, identity, bias, and difference, both in their own lives and in global contexts—whether linking classroom learning to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or traveling with classmates to New Orleans or Belize.

Gifted and devoted teachers create safe spaces for girls to challenge themselves, explore new interests, and reach beyond their comfort zones.

A wide array of outstanding arts offerings allows girls to perform and innovate while developing creative-thinking and problem-solving skills.

An emphasis on developing superlative writing skills helps girls prepare to distinguish themselves and succeed in Upper School, college, and throughout their careers.

Our goal is for girls to leave Middle School as confident, creative problem-solvers who know how to iterate and are comfortable with failure—and who are able to do all this with a global mindset.


Three Teaching Fellows Already Making Big Impact

This fall marked the official launch of Holton's inaugural Teaching Fellows Cohort, a program designed to give participants a two-year experience developing skills needed to be educators in today's world

Eighth Grade Bonds in West Virginia

The Class of 2027 hiked, bouldered, explored a game, and participated in group games, improving their confidence and self-esteem while developing a deep connection to nature.