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College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Learning Resource Services

Holton-Arms is committed to serving the needs of every student. Learning Resource Specialists in each Lower, Middle, and Upper School support faculty and students in their roles as educators and learners. Work with students takes place on an individual basis, in small groups organized by need, or in a classroom setting.

The focus is to strengthen skills needed for success in academic work and to provide assistance with areas of difficulty. Learning Resource Specialists collaborate with faculty to develop and apply instructional strategies that enable each student to experience growth and progress in her academic pursuits. Recognizing that communication between school and home is vital to the success of our students, Learning Resource Specialists work closely with students and their families to ensure that information pertinent to our students and their academic needs is available to faculty and administration.

In addition to working with all students and faculty, Learning Resource Specialists support the particular needs of students with documented learning issues. We understand that individuals may have specific weaknesses in attention controls, organizational abilities, or processing which can significantly impact academic performance. We strive to work with these students to provide accommodations in both instruction and assessment. Overall, the goal is to promote dialogue about learning and to nurture our students in their growth and development as active, effective, and confident learners.