College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Hosting an International Student

Cultural differences sometimes make us feel worlds apart from each other. Hosting an international student enables us to discover that we often share more similarities than we think. As you share experiences together as a family, you will learn to see “your” world with fresh eyes. Serving as a host family is an enriching and cultural experience that enhances the lives of both the visiting student and the host family. These visits give Holton students the opportunity to welcome a peer from one of our partner schools, share their school and family lives with a new friend, and experience study abroad from a hosting perspective. We find that this is a wonderful preliminary step for students who intend to participate in a homestay in the future. While all Holton Families are welcomed to host visiting students, it is often preferable for our students to host visitors close in age. A Holton student in Middle School may find it easier to host a visiting Middle School student.

Opportunities to host include the following:

  • Middle School students from Mirabal School (Spain): December 1-15
  • Upper School students from San Silvestre (Peru):January 24-February 1
  • Upper School students from China: January 28- February 11

Benefits of Hosting

  • Develop relationships with their peers from around the world
  • Foster an interest in and understanding of diverse cultural perspectives
  • Cultivate the socio-cultural knowledge and disposition necessary to interact and engage respectfully and effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and experience.

If you wish to host a student, please submit a Host Family Application. For more information please contact the Diversity, Wellbeing & Global Education Office.

"Our Global Education Program is about seeing the world and making sense of it through exposure to and cultivation of diverse perspectives. Through these powerful images, our students communicate their unique perceptions and understanding of their world with you."

- Melissa Brown
Director of Global Education; Upper School Spanish