College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12


If you need clarification or assistance with the PSAT, SAT, or ACT please contact our Testing Coordinator, Pamela Wachutka.

Sophomore Year

In grade 10, students will have the opportunity to take both a practice PSAT and ACT at Holton. After having the opportunity to experience both, students will start thinking about whether they prefer the SAT or ACT. Every college will accept either with equal consideration. Families will hear from an expert in the testing arena and students will be asked to complete a self-evaluation during the spring of their sophomore year, and meet with our Testing Coordinator. It is our hope that at the end of this process, students will have a testing plan that best fits each individual student. For whichever test a student intends to pursue, she should:

  • Begin to determine how she will prepare: buy test prep books, use online resources, find individual tutoring, join group classes, etc.
  • Pursue accommodations with ACT or SAT if applicable. If a student qualifies for accommodations, she must make sure to apply now as the process takes several months. She should speak with the Learning Specialist for more information.

Junior Year

  • Study and prepare.
  • An individual testing plan will be discussed in a family meeting with the student’s College Counselor.
  • Test when ready. Students should make sure to leave time for additional test dates should they want to retake a test.

Senior Year

Tests taken too close to college deadlines might not be considered, so students should complete any final testing in the first couple test dates of their senior year.

AP Exams:

Holton’s courses do not teach to the AP exams. However, juniors and seniors may wish to prepare on their own for AP exams in order to earn college credit or to strengthen their applications to international universities.

Students who wish to have an AP exam ordered for them must work with Holton’s AP Coordinator. Information about deadlines and the process will be shared early in the school year.

  • AP Ordering Deadline: Mid-November (set by College Board)
  • AP Exams: First two weeks of May, take place at Holton

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Elizabeth D. Poppi
Director of Student Information and Special Projects, Registrar

Suzanne K. Carter
Director of College Counseling

Zoë B. Mayfield
Associate Director of College Counseling

Pam Wachutka
Academic Support and College Counseling Coordinator