Meet the Class of 2016

Alizeh Afzal is the daughter of Ayesha Yasin and Hassan Afzal. Alizeh’s ongoing volunteer work for the Red Cross started because she was too young for any other placements that interested her. Over time, however, it gave her long-lasting exposure to the vision of Red Cross, which she has carried with her into her fundraising efforts for the Karachi Civil Hospital in the wake of the 2014 earthquake in Pakistan and her volunteer work at homeless shelters in Lahore. Each month, Alizeh donates a portion of her savings to SOS Children’s Villages to sponsor recently displaced refugees in Europe. Here at Holton, Alizeh has played Varsity Tennis througout Upper School. For her senior project, Alizeh worked at the Ivymount School, where she observed and taught classes in the autistic division of the high school. The experience gave her yet another perspective on the things we take for granted that do not come so easily for others -- in this case, a college education. Alizeh will attend New York University.

Reilly Christina Anderson is the daughter of Jeff and Lynn Anderson. An avid runner and member of the cross country team for four years and captain in 11th and 12th grades, Reilly also participated in indoor and outdoor track and was inducted into HAA in her junior year. Peer Counselor and RA rep, Reilly carried out the opportunities and responsibilities that these leadership roles presented with an unfailingly gentle, positive touch. For the past two summers, Reilly travelled with Holton first on the Spanish Immersion trip, where she lived with a host family, and then to China on the Junior Journey, where she studied Chinese history, education and culture and volunteered at a school for autistic children. Reilly graduates with Highest Honors and will attend The University of Virginia.

Tyler Joan Noel Anderson is the daugher of Troy and Sharon Anderson. A Girl Scout for the past 12 years, Tyler has a deep appreciation for the need to serve the greater good. While she has participated in many community service activities, one that always has meant the most to her has been the Feed the Hungry ministry at her church. In addition, Tyler has volunteered for years as an office assistant at her father’s elementary school, where she most recently has helped non-native English speaking parents enroll their children. Through this, Tyler acquired the clerical expertise, patience, and customer service necessary to take on two summer internships with Prince George’s County. Thankfully, she put these same skills to use as a softball and basketball team manager here at Holton. Tyler pursued her artistic leanings as a Ceramics Major and as member of the Handbell Choir, which she joined in 7th grade. She was also a member of BSU throughout Upper School. Tyler will attend Towson University.

Paris Cameron Armstrong is the daughter of Leonard Armstrong and Cathy McMorris Armstrong. A four year member of the field hockey team, Paris came away from the experience with an appreciation not only of her teammates, but also of the sense of community, and at times family, that they shared. Paris also sang in the Upper School Chorus throughout high school, joined the Swing Choir as a junior, and travelled to Italy with her fellow musicians in 2015. Her year in AP Psychology with Mrs. Keener led Paris to design a senior project shadowing a psychologist, which further solidified her interest in pursuing it as a major in college. Recently, Paris showed unusual mettle when she and her family endured the disruption of a fire in their family home. Throughout the ordeal, Paris kept her composure and helped her family weather the turmoil in their lives. Paris graduates with Honors and will attend Chapman University in California.

Nana Gigi Asamoah-Mensah is the daughter of Dr. Nana Asamoah Mensah and Dr. Justicia Opoku and the sister of Beebee, Class of 2011, and Mimi, Class of 2019. Over the course of her years in Upper School, Gigi found multiple ways to pursue her interests, take on responsibility, and serve the school. A three year photo major, Gigi was also a member of the yearbook staff starting in 9th grade and served as the Editor-in-Chief this year. As you may know, this is a remarkable undertaking and service to the school, and we all owe Gigi our deepest appreciation for her dedication to this year-long, community-wide project. Gigi was also a three year member and secretary of Boosters and for four years served as a Class of 2016 grade rep for the annual fund. As if these school-based commitments were not enough, for three years Gigi also volunteered at the Reston Hospital every Saturday for four hours! What Gigi will remember most is her “love and fervor” for AP Psychology and the pride she has derived from persevering in her coursework. Gigi graduates with Honors and will attend the University of Virginia.

Camille Blum is the daughter of Rebecca Joyce and Robert Blum. Where to start? Perhaps first to applaud you, again, Camille, for your spectacular performance last fall as Queen Agrivaine in Once Upon a Mattress. It takes a very unusual talent to play a comedic role with such a straight face, yet you captured beautifully the opportunities for humor at every turn. Camille came to Holton as a 9th grader so that she could participate in both the vocal and instrumental music programs, a plan she carried out to the fullest. Four year member and President of the Chorus, Camille also was a Chamber Singer for three years. Principal violinist in the Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra, and a member of the Holton-Arms String Quartet, Camille also played with Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra throughout high school and studied at Interlochen Arts Camp for the past two summers. President of Model UN, Camille earned several commendations, including Outstanding Delegate, for her performance at various conferences, and she served as Secretary General for Holton’s Middle School Conference in 11th grade. Finally, for the past four years, Camille has been a member and most recently captain of Holton’s It’s Academic Team. Camille graduates with Highest Honors and will attend Amherst College.

Caroline Healey Bosch is the daughter of Bill and Brenda Bosch and the sister of Allison, Class of 2009, and Maggie, Class of 2013. Caroline graduates particularly appreciative of her three years in the Spanish classroom with Sra. Lopez, who infused in her a love for the language as well as for the study of other cultures. In fact, for her senior project Caroline chose to work at the Peruvian Consulate where she helped design a website that provides health care information for Peruvians living in the States. Last summer, Caroline travelled to Italy on the music trip and to India on a Junior Journey. There, she was able to soak in the culture with her classmates and experience a home stay as well as volunteer at the Sisters of the Peole in Delhi. Caroline is also an athlete who played field hockey throughout her years in Upper School and lacrosse in grades 9 through 11. Caroline graduates with Honors and will attend The College of William & Mary.

Taylor Paige Bradley is the daughter of Paul and Noel Bradley. An active member in her youth group, Taylor has had the opportunity to serve on multiple mission trips over the course of the past several years. In addition to trips on the eastern seaboard, Taylor also volunteered on projects in the Dominican Republic and Romania, where she helped at an orphanage. A dancer who spent years taking classes at Joy of Motion prior to joining Orchesis in her sophomore year, Taylor not only choreographed but also served as co-president in her senior year. A two-year designer for PUNCH, Taylor enjoyed serving on the Executive Board this spring. Finally, Taylor is a four year veteran and co-president of the Handbell Choir. Of all her classes in Upper School, Taylor enjoyed most her experience in AP Core, AP Art History and AP Government, and wants to thank her teachers and classmates for contributing to what proved an unforgettable learning experience. Taylor graduates with High Honors and will attend Wheaton College in Illinois.

Leatrice AnnMarie Bulls is the daughter of Leatrice Arlene Bulls. Leatrice’s passion for ice skating and her many accomplishments have been a source of inspiration not only to those of us who have followed her career from afar, but also to the children whom she has taught at the Fort Dupont Ice Arena. A 2016 recipient of the US Figure Skating Association’s Platinum Award for synchronized skating, Leatrice was also a member of the the 2015 Intermediate National Championship team. This winter, Leatrice carried the lead role in Peter Pan on Ice at the Laurel Ice Rink. In addition to her many hours of training, Leatrice has found time to stay active in Holton’s Wind Ensemble as an oboist, and in the Robotics Club, where she nurtured her dream of becoming an engineer. Leatrice is extremely grateful for her math and science classes at Holton, which she attributes to further strengthening her love for the STEM fields. Leatrice graduates with Highest Honors and will attend Harvard University.

Haley Orton Butler is the daughter of Dr. Maurice Butler and Lorna Orton and the sister of Chelsea, Class of 2010. As early as 9th grade, Haley demonstrated an unusual gift for working with clay, so it was no surprise that she chose to enroll as a Ceramics Major for the next three years in Upper School. Her work, which has earned recognition several times in the Scholastic Art Awards, demonstrates Haley’s imagination, her affinity for asymmetry in her design, and her advanced sense of color. In the classroom, Haley particularly enjoyed Physics with Mr. Lee, where she had a venue not only to put her math and problem solving skills to use, but also her sense of humor – which I think many would say is one of Haley’s “signature strengths.” A specialist in the high jump and triple jump, Haley competed as a member of Holton’s track and field team throughout Upper School. Outside of school, Haley has been a member of Jack & Jill, which she loved for the opportunity it gave her to meet new people and forge lasting friendships. Haley will attend Santa Clara University.

Taylor Denise Butler is the daughter of James and Wanda Butler and the sister of Austin, Class of 2013. A four year member and event coordinator for BSU, Taylor was one of a small team of students selected to represent Holton at the 2015 Student Diversity Leadership Conference in Tampa, Florida. Her three years in Model UN helped prepare her to engage fully in the various sessions and to play a leading role as a facilitator. Taylor pursued her interest in acting both on the Holton stage in Stage Door and at Landon, where she played in various One Acts and stepped into the director’s seat the past two years, finding particular success this spring with This is a Test. An athlete as well, Taylor earned the Novice of the Year Award for crew in 9th grade and the Most Improved Player Award in track this spring, when, also a novice, she notched a personal best of 83’ with the discus. Taylor will attend North Carolina State University.

Sofia Canales-Canales is the daughter of Jorge Canales Kriljenko and Elizabeth Canales and the sister of Vania, Class of 2014. She is a ten year girl. Sofia’s Peruvian heritage and her years attending the Escuela Argentina since Pre-Kindergarten infused in her a global perspective from the start. Thus she has been all the more able to appreciate and learn from the travel opportunities she participated in, which include immersion trips to BOTH Spain and France, the music trip to Italy, and the Junior Journey to India. For her senior project, Sofia volunteered at the Peruvian consulate helping to create a website that will serve as a resource to Peruvians throughout the US. As much as Sofia has her sights trained on the world as a future International Relations major, she is equally grateful for the sense of sisterhood that she has always felt while a student here at Holton and the friendships she has forged along the way. Sofia will attend the University of Toronto.

Jamira Saida Chouikha is the daughter of Mohammed Chouikha and Valerie Rochester and the sister of Tatyana, Class of 2014. She is a 10 year girl. RA Director in her senior year, and Assistant RA Director and RA rep prior to that, Mimi has proven an exceptional leader for the Upper School community. Her role as a Peer Counselor and her active involvement in Model UN and BSU have leant depth and breadth to the impact she has made on students and faculty. Not only has she helped set an upbeat tone each morning in the Lewis Theater, but she has demonstrated to all of us how to take creative risks and give voice to difficult topics through her slam poetry performance at Coffee House and her powerful, beautiful speech about being a black woman in America at this year’s BSU assembly. In the classroom, Mimi especially enjoyed her humanities and global classes, from AP Core and What is Religion? to English and Global Perspectives, after which she travelled to India on a Junior Journey. Mimi, we will miss you! Mimi graduates with High Honors and will attend Duke University.

Kayla Dominique Covington is the daughter of Tony and Tamika Covington. A Global Scholar who continued with her study of Chinese throughout Upper School, Kayla travelled to China last summer with several of her classmates on a Junior Journey where she was proud to be able to put to use her years of language study. For her Senior Project, in another beyond the classroom learning experience, Kayla worked with young children at Mary Center, an inspiring local non-profit created to serve the needs of the Hispanic population in DC. Kayla has demonstrated positive leadership in the Upper School community both as a two-year co-president of the Black Student Union and as co-captain of the Varsity Volleyball and Softball teams. She was a key player in planning and presenting two powerful Black History Month assemblies and worked hard to educate and inform the Upper School community with a series of substantive, relevant announcements. In the athletic arena, Kayla’s fighting spirit helped keep her teammates focused and confident. Kayla will attend Syracuse University.

Caleigh Elizabeth Zhiping Crawford is the daughter of Jennifer Crawford and Margaret Hale. Caleigh joined the Class of 2016 in 10th grade, when she distinguished herself as a field hockey goalie in the fall and as a coxswain for the crew team in the spring. In her junior year, she broadened her scope to include Model UN and Environmental Awareness, two activities that she continued in her senior year. Caleigh’s love for science carried not only into AP Biology, her favorite class, but also into her summer internship at USUHS, where she worked in a lab dedicated to the study of the multi-drug resistant acinetobacter baumannii, or “killer bacteria.” Caleigh graduates with High Honors and will attend the James A. Clark School of Engineering at University of Maryland as a College Park Scholar.

Samantha Rose Danshes is the daughter of Svetlana and Joel Danshes and the cousin of Dasha Vinogradsky, Class of 2004. A talented and accomplished artist, Sam enjoyed in particular her time in the art studio space, where, as a Drawing & Painting Major, she produced works that displayed technical skill, imagination, and attention to detail. As a senior, she generously shared her inspiration and enthusiasm for the class with students in lower grades. Each fall, Sam put her considerable athleticism to work as a defender on Holton’s JV and Varsity Field Hockey teams. Word has it that Sam had a proclivity – or perhaps a gift – for chatting, at times with the refs about their calls, and at others in the huddle, where she proved a constant source of encouragement to her teammates. Outside of school, Sam has been writing her own music for years and sings in a rock band that she joined in Middle School. Sam graduates with Honors and will attend the College of Media, Communication and Information at the University of Colorado.

Josephine Esme Davis is the daughter of Michael and Antigone Davis. Blessed with a beautiful voice and a love for singing, Jojo was a four year member of Chorus who earned a spot with Chamber Singers in 10th grade and served as President in her senior year. Her musical pursuits didn’t stop there. Jojo has also supplied lead vocals for two local alternative rock bands, first “Diamonds and the Ruff” and more recently with “The Palm Trees.” She even took her show on the road and auditioned for American Idol a couple of years ago! Last summer, Jojo was among the Holton musicians who travelled to Italy to visit and perform in some of the world’s most beautiful settings. In the classroom, Jojo enjoyed in particular her English classes with Ms. Salata. Jojo graduates with High Honors and will attend the University of Wisconsin.

Samantha Marie DeNovio is the daughter of Nicholas J. and Patricia DeNovio and the sister of Christina, Class of 2020. She is a 10 year girl. A valuable tour guide, throughout her years in Upper School and President in both 11th and 12th grades, Samantha’s service to the school, which included her work as a class representative for the Holton Fund, earned her induction into Boosters in 10th grade. Each fall, Samantha has joined her JV and then Varsity teammates on the field hockey field, where she enjoyed everything from the brutal preseason workouts to the excitement of the games. In the past two summers, Samantha interned first at the US Attorney’s Office where she assisted in the design of programs for at-risk youth, and then in the Immigration Legal Services of Catholic Charities where she acted as a Spanish translator and assisted immigrants seeking access to the justice system. Samantha graduates with Highest Honors and will attend University of Notre Dame.

Sydney Yvonne Feyerick is the daughter of Steve and Lisa Feyerick. She is a 10 year girl. Sydney has pursued her passion for the performing arts and more specifically musical theater since 4th grade, when she began acting in shows at Imagination Stage. For six years, she has also performed in productions at Stage Door Manor, where her roles included Auntie Em in The Wiz, Baroness von Schrader in The Sound of Music, and Velma in West Side Story. In 9th grade, Sydney added dance more seriously to her repertoire, and, already a Chorus member, she joined the Swing Choir in 11th grade. Believe me when I tell you that this is one girl who’s “got that swing!” Sydney also performs in the pool, where she has been a dedicated member of the Holton swim team for three years. Sydney will attend The University of Miami (Florida).

Julia Zoe Fox-Rabinovich is the daughter of Lola and Daniel Fox-Rabinovich and the sister of Leah, Class of 2019. A member of the Jewish Culture Club here at Holton, Julia has also been actively involved in her local chapter of the B’nai B’rith Youth Organization throughout her high school years. From volunteer and Chapter Secretary, she advanced to Vice President and then President, overseeing programming, running meetings, and coordinating logistics with adult advisors. Julia is also a three year ceramics major, whose work was recognized with a Silver Key in the Scholastic Art Awards in 10th grade. Julia is proud of the community service she has performed over the years, especially her work teaching English to refugees in Boston following her sophomore year. Julia graduates with High Honors and will attend Tulane University.

Anne-Sophie W. Fratzscher is the daughter of Oliver Fratzscher and Jianping Zhou and the sister of Celina, Class of 2021. Anne Sophie is a multi-talented and multi-faceted student. Her activities include horseback riding and show jumping, playing violin in the Chamber Orchestra, running cross country and track, for which she served as co-captain this spring, and competing on Holton’s Chemathon team. Her keen interest in science led her to pursue a science research internship at the Institute of Neuroscience at McGill University last summer. What took unusual courage and imagination was Anne-Sophie’s decision to craft a semester abroad for herself in Berlin in the spring of her 10th grade year. Without the aid or structure of a formal program, Anne-Sophie sought out and enrolled in a German high school. This was not for the faint of heart, and Anne-Sophie more than proved herself up to her own challenge. Anne-Sophie graduates with Highest Honors and will attend McGill University.

Frances Isabelle Gichner is the daughter of Sandra Engle Gichner, Class of 1984, and the late Steve Gichner and the sister of Ceci, Class of 2018, and Eliza, soon to join the Class of 2020. Her aunts Alison Engle Rosen and Honor Engle Spire were members of the Classes of 1988 and 1991. Co-President of Boosters for the past two years, Frances’s spirit and support for Holton was evident from her first days as a new 9th grader. That spirit has carried through all of her classes and activities, from JV and Varsity Field Hockey, of which she was co-captain last fall, to Peer Counseling, to her collaborative work as a Photo Major, where darkroom resources must be shared and cared for. Frances’ respectful, hard working, yet always upbeat demeanor, regardless of the difficulty of the task at hand, serves as a model for all. This is one good egg! Frances graduates with High Honors and will attend The University of Richmond.

EvaEva Bryce Gobourne is the daughter of Paul and Melanie Gobourne and the cousin of Kenya McNealy, Class of 2015. Eva is a walking tribute to what it means to make and hold a long term commitment. Having first served as an altar server at her church at the age of eight, to this day she continues to serve as a senior server. A member of Jack & Jill since the age of two, Eva was elected secretary this past year. Determined for years to join a Division I crew team as coxswain, Eva committed herself fully to the Holton crew program and realized her dream when she was recruited this year to cox for UVA. I can only imagine the confidence that her rowers felt with Eva at the helm! Calm, steady, and forceful, she was able to motivate her rowers with fierce determination and well chosen words of encouragement. Eva graduates with Honors and will attend The University of Virginia.

Hadley Fox Gouldman is the daughter of Carl and Liz Gouldman. Known to her friends as “mom” for her maturity, vigilance, and ready, reliable shoulder, Hadley applied her natural caretaking skills as a player-manager of the soccer, swimming and lacrosse teams this year. That she would take on the added responsibilties of team manager on top of her role as a player and diver is characteristic of Hadley’s sense of duty and leadership. For the past three years, she has put these and other qualities to work as Assistant Editor, President, and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Scroll + Scrolling, Holton’s award winning hybrid literary magazine and website. Last spring, Hadley set out on an unforgettable adventure when she pursued a study abroad program at the Island School in Eleuthera, where she helped conduct a study on stingrays. Hadley graduates with Highest Honors and will attend Davidson College.

Mya Lavern Harris is the daughter of Pamela Calhoun. She is a ten year girl. A Girl Scout for over 12 years who earned both the Silver Trefoil and Silver Award, Mya has participated in many community service projects over the years through which she developed a passion for serving others. Her efforts in this area earned her the Alpha Kappa Alpha Youth Service Award in 2012. Recently inducted into HAA, Mya distinguished herself on the crew team, where she learned important lessons about teamwork, leadership, and perseverance, all of which she demonstrated this season as a tri-captain. Mya also performs on stage. She is a Chamber Singer and member of the Upper School Chorus, and she was twice selected to represent Holton at the annual Shakespeare Competition. Mya is proud to have experienced other cultures firsthand through the French Immersion trip and Junior Journey to India, both of which were unforgettable experiences. Mya will attend the University of Michigan.

Olivia Grace Heflin is the daughter of Julie and William Heflin. Class Secretary and active voice in her Class Council, Olivia enjoyed working with her fellow council members to plan activities and build community. For the past two years, Olivia has also served as a Peer Counselor, which gave her an opportunity to exercise her leadership skills with a small group of ninth graders whom she kept under her wing. Olivia is grateful for the opportunity to travel on the Junior Journey to India with her classmates last summer. She also pursued a six week internship at the University of Maryland, where she learned to analyze bovine white and red blood cells to improve animal health. A four year volleyball player who played two years at the Varsity level, Olivia is also a horseback rider who has enjoyed her weekly lessons for the past ten years. In addition, she took voice lessons every week throughout Upper School. Olivia graduates with Highest Honors and will attend the University of Pennsylvania.

Gaia Jinsi is the daughter of Nikunj and Madhulika Jinsi. Gaia joined her classmates in the fall of her junior year, bringing with her a strong sense of social justice and a commitment to serve those in need. A two year participant in LearnServe, Gaia founded “GirlsGoLearn,” a women’s rights project designed to aid inner city girls in DC by increasing their academic confidence. A member of the Children’s Chorus of Washington througout high school, Gaia travelled and performed with the ensemble around the country as well as internationally. Here at Holton, Gaia found her creative oasis each day at lunch, when she would play the piano in the orchestra room, and in the art studio, where she was a Drawing and Painting Major. Gaia graduates with High Honors and will attend Bryn Mawr College.

Elizabeth King is the daughter of Kenneth and Alessandra King. Blessed with a beautiful voice, Lizi made a big splash on the Holton stage when, as a sophomore, she played an unforgettable Liesl in The Sound of Music, singing the classic duet “I am Sixteen, Going On Seventeen.” A four year member of Swing Choir and the Upper School Chorus, Lizi also enjoyed her roles in Damn Yankees and One Acts at Landon. A piano player for some 12 years, Lizi took exams for the Royal School of Music through level 8, which she took in May. Last summer, Lizi pursued her interest in science and engineering at a biophysics lab in the University of Maryland’s Bioengineering Department, where she worked with lung fibroblast cells and microbeads. Since Middle School, Lizi has also played club soccer with the Reston Cyclones in both the ODSL and WAGS leagues. Lizi graduates with High Honors and will attend the College of William & Mary.

Emily Hallene King is the daughter of Carol and Robin King. Emily’s early years pursuing ballet at an intensive level instilled in her a work ethic and sense of self discipline and poise that carry through in her approach to school and life. Active in her church youth group, Emily travels to Honduras each year on a service-based mission trip to work with children in an orphanage and help on building projects. A copy editor for Scribbler for four years, Emily has also been a member of Model UN and a leader in the Outdoor Club. Her experience at the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Conference in 10th grade emboldened Emily to step out of her comfort zone and attend the High Mountain Institute in Colorado for the first semester of 11th grade, which proved one of the best experiences of her life thus far. As she should, Emily takes particular pride in her continued placement in the all-time “Top 10” finishers of the legendary 9th grade Fundies triathlon. Emily graduates with Honors and will attend Pepperdine University.

Suhina Lal is the daughter of Pankaj and Nidhi Lal and the sister of Kanika, Class of 2009. She is a ten year girl. Although she had been learning and performing Bollywood dance at annual Indian functions since the age of five, it wasn’t until her junior year that Suhina joined Orchesis. As a member of the dance troup, she learned to push her physical limits, develop her creativity, and express herself through dance. She found yet another creative outlet designing an outfit for PUNCH that was inspired by her American and Indian cultures. A four year member of the Upper School chorus, Suhina was thrilled to be a part of the music trip to Italy last summer. Suhina is also proud to graduate a Global Scholar, having studied Spanish through her senior year and participated in the Junior Journey to India, where she connected with her roots while at the same time seeing India in a different light than when visiting with her family. Suhina graduates with Highest Honors and will attend the University of Michigan.

Sydney Maleah Lampkin is the daughter of Dr. Susan Jenkins and Michael Lampkin. She is a 10 year girl. Everyone who knows Sydney loves and respects her for her determination to make sense of the world through a well-informed lens. Her analytical mind and passion for cultural perspective and synthesis benefitted every class discussion, where she demonstrated to her classmates and teachers what it means to be a discerning and savvy citizen. It is no wonder that Sydney so enjoyed her experiences at the diversity conferences she has attended each of the past four years. A dedicated Ceramics Major, Sydney’s work has always displayed complexity of design, attention to detail, and originality of thought. A Tour Guide and Peer Counselor, Sydney was proud to continue her service to the school, which began when she attended admissions fairs on the school’s behalf as a 3rd grader. Sydney graduates with High Honors and will attend the University of Pennsylvania.

Jillian Rose Lawler is the daughter of Maryann and Stewart Lawler and the sister of Karsyn, Class of 2015. She is a 10 year girl. A four year member of Holton’s “powerhouse” varsity tennis team and co-captain with her sister in her junior year, Jillian was twice named to the All-Gazette team and earned two individual ISL titles in both singles and doubles. A four-year PUNCH designer and Co-President in 11th and 12th grade, Jillian focused particularly on the visual art aspect of the design process and the actual production of the eventual fashion show. A member of chorus since her years in Lower School and an accomplished dancer who studied modern, jazz and ballet five days per week until her junior year, Jillian found a fun and rewarding outlet for her talents in Swing Choir, which she joined in 10th grade. She loved traveling to Italy last summer and singing in cathedrals where strangers and tourists stopped to listen. Jillian graduates with High Honors and will attend the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University, where she will study Fiber Science and Apparel Design.

Cameron Olivia Lee is the daughter of Nancy Choy and Malcolm Lee and the sister of Jordan, Class of 2014. Co-Captain of the varsity soccer team, Cameron showed unusual patience and resilience in her sophomore and junior years as she contended with the lingering and frustrating effects of a serious concussion which (sadly) sidelined her for much of both seasons. Through it all, Cameron maintained her commitment to her team, attending practices and games and supporting her teammates on the field. Cameron was also an impact player on the Scribbler staff in 10th and 11th grade; her clear thinking, writing skills, and productivity earned her the position of Editor-in-Chief at the end of junior year. In the classroom, Cameron especially enjoyed AP Core and her English classes, where she could further put her analytic and creative mind to the test. For her senior project, Cameron and several of her classmates travelled a section of the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. Cameron graduates with Highest Honors and will attend Dartmouth College.

Alexis Amani LeMone is the daughter of Adae and Estella LeMone. She is a 10 year girl. Co-Captain and standout swimmer for four years on the Holton swim team, Alexis’ success in the backstroke and freestyle earned her all-league recognition year after year as well as All-American status for the past three years. A summer swim instructor, Alexis volunteered at Horizons Greater Washington where she instituted and implemented a learn to swim program for camp attendees. A Girl Scout for 9 years, Alexis earned her Gold Award in 2014; she has also been actively involved in Jack and Jill, and this year served as Senior Teen President. Last summer, Alexis travelled with her classmates to India, where she had an unforgettable experience. Alexis graduates with High Honors and will attend Davidson College on a Division I swimming scholarship.

Virginia Katherine Looney is the daughter of Michael and Katherine Looney. A dedicated member of her church youth group, Ginger has been actively engaged in planning and leading activities and events throughout her high school years, to include biking from DC to Nags Head, North Carolina in five days and attending vacation Bible School. With a classmate, she also co-founded and led a Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter for girls at Holton. At school, Ginger particularly enjoyed her photography classes, earning a Scholastic Art Award Silver Key as a junior and going so far as to string together two minor classes each semester that year so that she could pursue an effective major level class when her schedule couldn’t fit the class. Perhaps no one has learned to appreciate Ginger’s good nature and dependability more than Ms. Gilman, under whom Ginger has worked these past two years as an employee and then top-flight manager of the Panther Pantry. Ginger will attend Elon University.

Elise Christine Lovett is the daughter of Chris and Gil Lovett. Upper School Chorister and Swing Choir President, Elise has pursued her love for singing and acting through opportunities at Holton, Landon, Imagination Stage, and Strathmore through Young Artists of America. As a 9th grader, she earned a lead role in Anything Goes at Landon, and then again in Damn Yankees as a junior. Last fall, she was a wonderful Lady Larken in Once Upon a Mattress here on the Holton stage. Vocally, Elise is a standout who earned a spot in the Junior and Senior All State Choirs in 9th and 11th grade. Elise is also a Peer Counselor, tennis player, and Chemistry whiz. In 10th grade she earned first place both in her individual event as well as with her teammates at the annual Chemathon. What you may not know about Elise is that she is also a golfer who has competed with her team at Congressional Country Club for the past four years. Elise graduates with Highest Honors and will attend The University of Virgina.

Kyla Locklear Matthews is the daughter of Dr. Lynn Locklear and Tony Matthews. Kyla is not able to be with us today, and so we will honor her in absentia. A student who loves the study of politics and the law, Kyla shone in her AP Government class this year, where her insight, knowledge base, and questioning mind added depth and spice to class discusssion. Her interest is such that she is the only student in memory to have joined both the Young Democrats and Young Republicans! Kyla put her active social conscience to work as a peer jury member with Montgomery County’s Teen Court and as a primary organizer for the Free Mind Book Club in DC, where she helped run a poetry club for people who have been incarcerated. Kyla will attend Dickinson College.

Anna Maydanik is the daughter of Julia Borniva and Boris Maydanik. Confident, well-rounded, and happy, Hannah has been a source of good cheer throughout her years in Upper School. One of the few students who gets off the metrobus on River Rd. and walks up the driveway to the Front Circle each morning, Hannah always seems to look forward to the day ahead with a smile. A Booster, Peer Counselor, and writer for Scribbler, Hannah found many ways to demonstrate her leadership and advocate for the school. Hannah also ran cross country all four years and served as co-captain for the past two. Hannah’s increasingly imaginative and delicate ceramics pieces have won multiple awards in the Scholastic Art Competition. Globally conscious, Hannah is proud and grateful to have participated in the Spanish Immersion trip as well as the Junior Journey to China. Hannah graduates with Honors and will attend Syracuse University.

Caroline Marie McDonald is the daughter of Margaret Sweeny and Donogh McDonald and the sister of Elizabeth, Class of 2009. She is a 10 year girl. A visible, positive, and effective leader throughout her years in Upper School, Caroline enjoyed serving on her Class Council and as a Peer Counselor, of which she was Co-President senior year. A four year runner on the Track team, Caroline served as co-captain this spring – and holds the school’s record in the 800 meter run, regarded as one of the most challenging events due to its combination of distance and sprint. Not for the faint of heart, in other words! Caroline has actively nurtured her international focus through her involvement in Model UN, the Spanish immersion trip, the junior journey to India, and an internship at the United Nations Foundation for Women’s Empowerment. A multi-talented and -faceted artist, Caroline’s creative side has taken shape through her photography, her writing, and her four years as a member of Improv. Caroline graduates with Highest Honors and will attend The Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

Claire Elise Michael is the daughter of Nelson and Madeline Michael. She is a 10 year girl. A four year member of the field hockey program and co-captain of the junior varsity team in 10th grade, Claire’s lead-by-example dedication, team spirit, and consistency earned her the Coaches Award last fall. These same qualities, along with her friendliness and good cheer made her an excellent Peer Counselor over the course of the past two years. Last summer, Claire shared the experience of a lifetime when she travelled to India with many of her classmates to understand the plight of poverty in rural and urban settings and to explore the concepts of tradition vs. modernity. Claire will attend the College of Communications at Loyola Marymout University.

Serenity Sophie Amaris Mills is the daughter of Daune Gist and Dr. Neil Bayley. For the past four years, Sophie has not only found a home with the crew team, participating fully in winter training sessions, the preseason trip, and the spring season practices and regattas, she has also helped to make the team feel more like a home for her teammates and their families, organizing food for weekend regattas, inserting an element of fun with temporary Panther tattoos and bracelets, and taking charge of the team tent. Thanks are due not only to Sophie, who served as co-captain in her senior year, but also to her mother for making such a positive difference. For her community service project, Sophie brought her good cheer to the E.L. Haynes Public Charter School where she served as a teacher’s aide. An avid student of French, Sophie plans to double major in the language and will spend her freshman year studying in Paris! Sophie graduates with Honors and will attend New York University.

Inshira Razia Mohi-ud-din is the daughter of Dr. Raja Mohi-ud-din and Ms. Mona Reza. Her sister, Jenna, is a member of the Class of 2020. An enthusiastic and dedicated field hockey player throughout her years in Upper School, Inshira served as captain of the varsity team in her senior year and plans to play at the college level where her fighting spirit will no doubt make its mark! Co-President of Peer Counseling, Inshira has always energetically worked to build friendships with students in other grade levels and spread her good cheer and passion for diversity work throughout the school. In addition, she has served as a Lower School mentor, meeting with younger girls after school to help them with their homework and serve as a positive role model. A musician, Inshira, who has for six years played violin in the Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra, spread her wings and joined the Upper School Chorus for her final year of high school. Inshira will attend Kenyon College.

Catherine Mary Mulligan is the daughter of George and Mimi Micklitsch Mulligan, Class of 1984, the sister of Libby, Class of 2018, and the niece of Cathy Micklitsch Poston, Class of 1982. A four year member of both the Varsity Soccer and Lacrosse teams, Catie’s strong lead-by-example level of commitment, selfless style of play, stamina, and reliability earned her the well-deserved position of co-captain of both teams in her senior year. Catie also plays lacrosse for her club, Future Elite, and she has recently begun to work as a coach at Next Level. No wonder that she intends to play at the “next level” in the coming years! Catie is not just a Holton girl; she is also a Brown House girl, like so many of my colleagues’ children. Her attachment to her early days at the Childcare Center led her to pursue her senior project working as a teacher’s aide at Brown House. A Ceramics Major, Catie has crafted whimsical and life-like pieces that have been a highlight of the ceramics displays over the past two years. Catie graduates with Honors and will attend Denison University.

Rupa Nallamothu is the daughter of Dr. Vijaya and Sudhakar Nallamothu. A loyal member of Scroll + Scrolling, Rupa served as Assistant Editor, Club President, and Co-Editor-in-Chief during the course of her years in Upper School. She attributes her love for writing to the time she spent with Ms. Salata during club meetings and throughout the process of pulling together the publication itself. Multi-dimensional, Rupa developed a keen desire to become a physician through her many hours serving as a volunteer at Inova Loudon Hospital. Her perseverance throughout two years of training for the Chemathon will no doubt serve her well in attaining her goal! Clearly no stranger to hard work, Rupa is also proud of her commitment to the cross country and crew teams, as well she should be! Rupa graduates with Highest Honors and will attend The University of Virginia.

Ashley Ada Nobi is the daughter of Dr. Obi Nobi and Camille Nobi. She is a ten year girl. Extremely active throughout high school in her Jack & Jill chapter, Ashley served as sergeant at arms, Treasurer and President. She won recognition in various areas, to include a second place prize for community service, the distinguished teen award, and an award for academic excellence each year. A dedicated rower in grades 9 through 11, Ashley enjoyed the physical and mental challenge of the sport as well as the bonding time, whether on the bus, on the river, or at Camp Bob. First and foremost, Ashley is a scholar who excels in all areas of study, and who has a particular enthusiasm for science and math. A STEM Scholar, last summer Ashley pursued an engineering internship at George Washington University, where she researched software-based router networking for lower cost and flexibility. She took her skills and knowledge one step further with her Senior Project, for which she performed and presented an impressive statistical study of the indicators of YouTube fame. Ashley graduates with High Honors and will attend the University of Pennsylvania.

Ksenia Ovcharenko is the daughter of Ivan and Sofya Ovcharenko. A writer and editor on the Scribbler staff, over the years Ksenia contributed numerous articles on school life as well as issues of local importance. In addition, she enjoyed the editing process and layout work. A three year member of Model UN, she held the position of Secretary, as well a Head Delegate at the William & Mary conference. Her well developed executive and organizational skills made her a very effective team leader and logistics point person for HAMUN, the meet Holton hosts for Middle School students, at the club’s regular meetings, and on the road at conferences. Her involvement was invaluable to her teammates as well as to the faculty advisors. Ksenia’s interest in math and the sciences led her to pursue an internship last summer at the University of Maryland, where her research focused on aerodynamics, specifically shock waves and air turbulence. Ksenia graduates with High Honors and will attend the University of California at Los Angeles.

Claire Peng is the daughter of Wensheng Peng and Elena Liu. A rower and coxswain on the crew team in grades nine through eleven and for WeCanRow DC, Claire is thankful for the opportunity the experience gave her to learn the art of the sport, to know the feeling one gets at the end of long, yet rewarding practice, and to enjoy the camaraderie felt and expressed throughout the entire team. A three year member of the yearbook staff, Claire proved a reliable resource and team member when pulling together the many pages and pictures that went into the final product. Claire will always look back on her Junior Journey to India as one of the most memorable experiences of her Holton career. Claire is grateful to all her teachers, in particular Ms. Salata, for helping her become a better writer, and Ms. Gajendragadkar, for the memorable year in her What is Religion? class. Claire graduates with Honors and will attend New York University.

Ashley Rose Perlmutter is the daughter of Allison and David Perlmutter and the niece of Faith Perlmutter Diamond, Class of 1980, and Beth Perlmutter Grae, Class of 1982. A promising athlete and lacrosse player who was sidelined by a recurring knee injury and subsequent surgery, Ashley has shown remarkable patience, resilience, and grace throughout her years in Upper School. In fact, as a 9th grader new to the school, she spent her first weeks confined post-operatively to a wheel chair and then crutches. Even in the face of disappointment, she dug in and distinguished herself from the start as a serious scholar who channeled her energies unflaggingly to her coursework. Over the years, she has particularly enjoyed her science classes with Mr. Lee and her math classes with Dr. Krug and Mr. DeJohn; she leaves Holton loving math and numbers and eager to study more science in the years ahead. Ashley is also grateful to Ms. Salata and the English Department for making her a stronger writer. When not at school or helping out at home, Ashley has spent many hours volunteering, most notably at the Goldstein Jewish Group Home, where she helps disabled residents cook and bake. Ashley graduates with High Honors and will attend the Honors College at the University of Maryland Smith School of Business.

Alison Willington Richards is the daughter of Suzanne and Frederick Richards. Ali, who served as Honor Council President in her senior year, attended the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Conference in 10th grade. Her “amazing experience” there gave Ali an increased sense of confidence, which, in one of many ways, manifested itself to the delight of all in her work as a member of the Holton-Landon Improv Troupe and her occasional jokes at morning assembly. Ali developed her interest in politics and international relations through her three years in Model UN and a six week summer program at St. Albans School of Public Service. Ali especially loved her Earth and Space Science class, where Mr. Lee’s enthusiasm proved infectious and made the class fun – so much so, in fact, that Ali pursued her senior project at the National Weather Service. Ali graduates with Honors and will attend the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences at Pennsylvania State University.

Sydney Jane Ruder is the daughter of Tom and Nancie Ruder. A much valued tour guide throughout her years in Upper School, Sydney earned induction into Boosters in 11th grade. Her service to the school has taken various forms beyond admissions work, though. She is a team captain for her class’s Annual Fund efforts (they have won the student cup for the past three years), and more recently, for her senior project, she and classmate Claire Michael designed a three-day off campus retreat that the junior class will take part in beginning next year. A participant in the Spanish Immersion trip and the Junior Journey to India, Sydney is also a three year member of Model UN who earned verbal commendations at two annual conferences and who further pursued her interest in global politics last summer at the International Relations Camp at Georgetown. Perhaps where Sydney comes most alive, though, is in the pool and on the deck, where her team spirit and swimming prowess made her a great captain of Holton’s swim team. Sydney graduates with High Honors and will attend the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

Megan Elizabeth Saunders is the daughter of John and Danielle Saunders and the sister of Emma, Class of 2015. An accomplished athlete and President of HAA, Megan has played soccer, basketball and lacrosse at the varsity level while in Upper School. It is her soccer career, however, that has taken center stage and demanded the bulk of her time. Megan plays year round for FC Virginia ’98, dedicating as many as 20 hours per week to training and competitions, only some of which are within driving distance – most require plane travel and overnight stays. To her credit, Megan has found time for other pursuits as well. Having served on the leadership team of her church’s youth group for five years, she became president of the Episcopal Youth Congregation in 12th grade, following in her sister’s footsteps. Megan graduates with Highest Honors and will attend the University of Pennsylvania.

Alaina Maeve Scallan is the daughter of Ms. Karen Ware and Mr. Kevin Scallan and the sister of Keara, Class of 2014. A four year member of Scroll who has enjoyed the writing, selection, layout, and editing processes throughout, Alaina served as Co-Editor-in-Chief in 12th grade. In her words, “Scroll was really fun to make.” Similarly, she thought junior English was “awesome.” A lover of the outdoors, Alaina has since the age of 10 attended camp at the Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies in the mountains of West Virginia, where she eventually served as counselor following her sophomore year. Her experience there laid the groundwork for her to appeciate AP Environmental Science in her junior year, which she absolutely loved. Recently, Alaina has kept herself busy volunteering at Rocklands Farm and working at American Plant, which is right next door. Alaina graduates with Highest Honors and will attend Wesleyan University.

Helen Brown Sears is the daughter of Laurie and Ted Sears. She is a 10 year girl. While Helen most recently has made her mark on the Holton community with her memorable displays of school spirit on the sidelines of any number of athletic events, she has long been in the business of spreading goodwill and intentions. Committed through and through to causes that serve to protect the environment, Helen served as Regional Coordinator of Green Schools Alliance for two years; worked with Eco-Beco to develop an energy efficiency awareness program following her sophomore year; taught local students about climate change, waste reduction, and recycling through Waste Warriors; and with her family has served as a river guide for the Potomac Conservancy. This spring, Helen’s PUNCH line featured clothing made entirely of recycled magazines and newspaper. In the spring of her junior year, she took her love for the outdoors one step further and attended the High Mountain Institute in Colorado. All of this did not keep Helen from pursuing one of her first loves, ice hockey, which she has played since childhood and throughout Upper School, serving as co-captain as a senior. Helen will attend Colby College.

Dora Rose Segall is the daughter of Anna Janefsky and Wynn Segall. Dora has fully enjoyed the vocal and dramatic opportunities she pursued in the Upper School, which include her four years in the Chorus, two years as a member of Chamber Singers, and memorable roles as the Wizard in Once Upon a Mattress and the piano playing Olga in Stage Door. Dora carried her interest further, attending New England Music Camp for the past five summers as a vocal major, and participating in the Young Artists of America at Strathmore, where she enjoyed being a member of the ensemble in the opera Romeo et Juliette. A dedicated scholar, Dora especially enjoyed AP Core, for which she arranged to have her grandmother, a Holocaust survivor speak to her class. Dora loved her experience on the Junior Journey to India last summer, and, to further explore issues discussed in Global Perspectives, designed a senior project exploring various sources of immigrant aid in the Washington Metropolitan area. Dora graduates with Highest Honors and will attend Kenyon College.

Madeleine Carroll Slack is the daughter of Jim and Gemma Slack. She is a 10 year girl. It’s hard to think about Maddie without her cello. While she has many talents and accomplishments to her name, she distinguished herself as a musician from her earliest years – the age of six, to be exact. Principal Cellist of the Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra, Maddie has also played with the Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra Symphony and Chamber Ensemble as well as the American Youth Strings Ensemble. She has earned Maryland All State honors at the Junior and Senior level and she began teaching cello to private students following her 9th grade. For her senior project, she and classmate principal violinist Camille Blum prepared and performed a recital last week. Able to wield her intellectual powers as well as her bow, Maddie has been an on-air member of Holton’s It’s Academic team since 10th grade and is a four year member of Scroll. Maddie graduates with Highest Honors and will attend Johns Hopkins University.

Andrea Meredith Sloter is the daughter of Joey and Stan Sloter and the sister of Kelsey, Class of 2012. She is a 10 year girl. Thespians President in her senior year, Andrea more than earned this honor. Actor, technical crew renaissance woman, and even a stage manager (for PUNCH), Andrea participated actively in every possible show throughout her years in Upper School. This is an accomplishment that only Andrea (and perhaps her parents) can fully appreciate, but when I say that it was a total of 17 shows, I think we can all understand that this signifies an exceptional level of commitment and interest. Plus she has been a member of Improv for the past two years! Of all her performances, Andrea is most proud of her “Santiago Tales” and this spring’s One Acts, in which she both delivered a 20 minute monologue and carried the lead in This is a Test. Andrea is also a long standing member of Spectrum, and an athlete who swam all four years and who competed in the long jump, triple jump and high jump as a member and eventual Co-Captain of the Track and Field Team. Andrea graduates with Honors and will attend Brandeis University.

Olivia Leah Thomas is the daughter of Douglas and Shu Hui Thomas and the sister of Christina, Class of 2009. She is a 10 year girl. Looked to as a leader by students and faculty in a variety of areas, Olivia has carried her multiple responsibilities, both academic and extra-curricular, with poise, creativity, and thoughtfulness. Always holding herself to the highest standards, she in fact has distinguished herself as RANKING SCHOLAR of her class. President of her class for four years, Olivia also served as co-president of both PUNCH and the Environmental Awareness Club; and she was co-captain of both the soccer and ice hockey teams. She showed her readiness to take risks and try something new when she decided to play ice hockey having never skated before. Following her sophomore year, Olivia and her sister volunteered in Jaipur, India, teaching grammar and computer skills in a women’s empowerment program. Olivia’s creative talents have been in full evidence not only in her drawings and paintings, but also in her bold designs at PUNCH, the most recent of which featured outfits made entirely of recyclable shopping bags. Olivia enjoyed in particular her experience in AP Chem as well as her summer internship at NIH where she spent eight weeks studying the role of an AIDS-related pathogen. Olivia graduates with Highest Honors and will attend Yale University.

Maha Ewurabena Tiimob is the daughter of Eurika and Job Tiimob and the sister of Pia, Class of 2019, and Zada, Class of 2020. A four year volleyball player and Blue Team captain, Maha’s enthusiasm and presence are formidable when she decides to unleash them! This quality has been in evidence whether in her performance in class, her work as a Peer Counselor, her solo at last year’s Coffeehouse, or her establishment of an a cappella club. When Maha is around, you know it. Maha is also drawn to a challenge: one of her favorite classes, AP Chemistry, was also her most difficult. This year, Maha found a second home in the IT office, where she assisted Mr. Sallah and Ms. Dobson in the repair and maintenance of Holton’s fleet of laptops and desktops that are put to such extensive use every day. Maha graduates with High Honors and will attend Washington University in St. Louis as a Thomas H. Eliot Scholar.

Grace Joyce Tung is the daughter of Joyce Tung. An active force in the Asia Club since she joined in 9th grade and co-president for the past two years, Grace has been instrumental in making sure that the Upper School community understands aspects of Asian cultures through informational presentations about the New Year’s celebrations, the very popular snack and dumpling sales, and lantern riddles. Grace is also a musician who has played piano for years and participated in numerous competitions, festivals and recitals -- she especially enjoys duets. She also played violin in the Upper School and Chamber Orchestras throughout Upper School and sang with the chorus for three years. Finally, Grace is yet another intrepid soul who “took the plunge” and joined the swim team, enduring Mr. Westerberg’s intense workouts for three years and staying on the deck to serve as a team manager in 11th grade. Grace graduates with High Honors and will attend the University of Rochester.

Alejandra Vazquez is the daughter of Amalia Flores and Francisco Vazquez. Alejandra credits Holton for giving her the confidence and the sense of curiosity about the world that led her to explore new interests, serve those in need, and reconnect with experiences from her childhood. For example, having not studied ballet for almost 9 years, Alejandra decided last winter to return to her dancing and is now on point after just one month of training. For the past two years, Alejandra spent her Saturday mornings working as a tutor at the Latino Student Fund. This experience not only strengthened her connection to the Latino community, but also awoke in her a sense of purpose in helping newcomers to our country. Here at Holton, after three years as a Ceramics Minor, Alejandra stepped up to the Major level, where she enjoyed working with porcelain, and even more, looking to her Venezuelan heritage for inspiration in her terra cotta pieces. Alejandra graduates with Honors and will attend the University of Maryland.

Madison Rose Wallach is the daughter Courtenay and Ed Wallach and the sister of Sophie, Class of 2018. Her aunt, Kimberly Wolfberger, is a member of the Class of 1990. She is a ten year girl. A member of Orchesis for the past three years and President in her senior year, Madison took her involvement one step further by choreographing dances each of the past two years. If you have had the pleasure of attending an Orchesis performance, you would be filled with admiration for her creative leadership and how she lights up the stage. Having spent the summer following 10th grade studying and travelling in Israel, Madison was eager to continue her international experience on the Junior Journey to India. Madison is also a Peer Counselor and a four year member of the Jewish Culture Club. Madison graduates with High Honors and will attend Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration.

Amanda Rome West is the daughter of Dr. Tina and Mr. Edward West. Her mother is a member of the Class of 1980, and her sister, Ashley, the Class of 2020. She is a 10 year girl. Amanda is a woman of many talents. From her experience training a service dog, to her years rowing crew and playing tennis for Holton, to her work as photo editor of the yearbook and newspaper, to her involvement in Model UN, to her founding of the Women in Science and Engineering Club, Amanda has applied herself fully to each of her pursuits. That she has done all this while carrying a challenging courseload is all the more impressive. Perhaps her time earning certification as a yogasculpt teacher has helped her keep everything in balance! An accomplished photographer who started her own photography business, Amanda’s work has earned recognition in a number of competitions both on the local and national levels. Last summer, Amanda served as a research intern in the Food and Drug Administration’s Virology and Biochemistry Lab. Amanda graduates with Highest Honors and will attend the University of Southern California.

Cydney Alexandra Wong is the daughter of Alexander Wong and Benita Best-Wong, and the sister of Devyn and Eden, Class of 2022. Cydney is a highly accomplished figure skater whose particular area of expertise is synchronized skating. Her team, DC Edge, competes nationally and even won the national championships in 2015. This spring she was recognized with the US Figure Skating Gold Award. Cydney returns her good fortune on the ice as a volunteer, teaching basic skating skills to underprivileged children at the Fort Dupont Ice Arena. Cydney is also a talented musician who has played saxophone in both the Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble throughout her years in Upper School. She served as Co-President of the Jazz Band in 12th grade. Last summer, Cydney pursued a Science Research internship at the University of Maryland’s Avian and Animal Sciences Department in addition to participating in the Junior Journey to China. Cydney graduates with Highest Honors and will attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Pamela Zhang is the daughter of Dr. Leping Pu and Chengwu Zhang. Serving as Co-President of the Robotics Club was a fitting finale for Pamela, who had been a member of the club and Botball Team since 9th grade. Pamela’s love for and excellence in science played out in Chemistry, when she served as captain of both the first place Level I Honors team and Level II AP Chemathon teams. Last summer, she completed an internship at George Washington University, where she assisted with a project focused on a 3D Kinematics Extraction of Sea Lion Flippers. No, really – it’s all about drag – I think! Not one to back down from an intellectual challenge, this year, Pamela enrolled in AP Computer Programming through the Online School for Girls. Co-President of Spectrum, Pamela played an important role in ensuring that the club disseminated relevant, helpful information that would make the Upper School a safe place for all its students. Pamela graduates with Highest Honors and will attend the California Institute of Technology.

Olivia Alexis Zimmerman is the daughter of James and Sharon Zimmerman and the cousin of Claire Moore, Class of 2014. A four year member of the Upper School Chorus and student of Drawing and Painting, Olivia felt her adventures in the fine and performing arts provided the perfect balance to her academic experience. Outside of school, Olivia has been very active in her church’s youth community service initiative, helping plan dozens of events, including a fashion show, the proceeds of which helped provide backpacks and school supplies to children in need. Olivia graduates with a strong sense of gratitude to her teachers, especially Mr. Seltzer, who made her love AP Core, Mrs. Reddinger, who never gave up on her, and Ms. Salata, who was tough on her “in the best way possible.” Olivia graduates with Honors and will attend the Newhouse School of Public Communication at Syracuse University.