Canvas @ Holton Family FAQs

⇛ What is Canvas?

Canvas is a robust and intuitive LMS (learning management system) that allows Holton to streamline digital tools, course content, and communication in a single place in order to provide a more connected learning environment for our students and teachers. 

⇛ What will be posted in Canvas?

Teachers will be required to post academic content on their Canvas pages. Canvas will also operate as the main communication hub between teachers and students regarding their academic work.

⇛ What can parents/guardians access in Canvas?

As a parent/guardian, you have access to Canvas as an Observer. In this role, you can see assignment dues dates, the course Calendar, announcements, and other course content to help you understand what your child is learning in each class. Keep in mind that Observers are able to view their child’s course content but are not able to participate in the course.

⇛ How do I log in to my Observer account?

In order to provide a single point of entry to Canvas, we have created this Canvas @ Holton webpage that will be the gateway for members of our community to access their respective Canvas pages. To access your account, please use the same username and password used to log in to the Holton Parent Portal.

⇛ What will I do in Canvas vs. Veracross?

Canvas (Observer of Academic Content and Communication for Students)

  • All academic content
  • Course related announcements, due dates, etc.
  • Grades (on individual assignments, not cumulative averages)

Veracross (Parent Portal)

  • View Attendance Records
  • View Report Cards
  • School Communications
  • Access School Calendars
  • View Directories

⇛ Can I enable/disable Canvas notifications?

You can adjust your notification preferences by following the instructions on this page.

⇛ How will students be trained to use Canvas?

This fall students will be given an overview of Canvas. They can also watch this Canvas training video. Students in Lower School are being guided through using Canvas by their homeroom teachers as appropriate.

⇛ Can I turn in student work from my Canvas account?

No. We realize our youngest Panthers may need some assistance uploading their work to Canvas. In order to do so, they will need to log in using their own Holton credentials.

⇛ Can I see my children’s grades in Canvas?

As an Observer, you can see your children’s grades on individual assignments. We do not share cumulative grades since they are typically not accurate calculations. There may be aspects of the grade, such as participation or homework completion, that are not added to the gradebook until the end of a trimester. Therefore, the cumulative average in each course will only be shared at the end of each grading period.

⇛ Why can’t I see all of my children’s courses on my dashboard?

From a computer, you can mark courses as favorites so they will show up in your dashboard. This page will talk you through the process.

⇛ Why can't I see all of my children’s courses on the Canvas calendar?

The calendar in Canvas shows events for up to 15 courses at a time. You can choose which courses you see at any given time by following these instructions. Read more here about how to navigate the Canvas calendar as an Observer.

⇛ Which browsers are supported by Canvas?

Please see this information from Canvas regarding currently supported browsers.

⇛ Who can I contact if I have questions regarding Canvas?

Please submit queries to