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Over 50 Young Alums Return to Share College, Career Perspectives and Tips with Upper School
Over 50 Young Alums Return to Share College, Career Perspectives and Tips with Upper School

The Holton network can be a source of remarkable strength and support. This powerful force was on full display Thurs., Dec. 20, when more than 50 young alumnae came back to campus to share college and career insights with Upper School students.

College-aged alumnae from schools ranging from Colby to Yale participated in small-group panel discussions with current students. They candidly discussed topics like dealing with roommates, choosing courses and a major, finding balance, study tips, and discovering your niche.

Some of their tips:

  • Get to know yourself and what works for you.
  • Diversify your courses and don't be afraid to take something random. It might be your favorite course and put you on an amazing new path.
  • The journey is the goal; don't worry about being perfect.

Sisters and fellow recruiters Marcy Tickner Carroccio '04 and Alex Tickner Diemer '06 also gave a session for seniors and alumnae on job searching, leveraging the Holton network, and maximizing LinkedIn. Marcy is an Executive Recruiting Manager at Capital One, while Alex is a Sales Development Manager at LinkedIn.

Among their advice:

  • Get on LinkedIn and use it! Leverage your network connections online, and in real life!
  • Always personalize your communications with potential employers, follow up, and be sure to do your homework.
  • Know where you'd ideally like to be company- and position-wise, but be open to other opportunities, too. "Don't be afraid of working for the 'wrong employer.' Get a job, and get experience," Alex says.
  • Take advantage of campus career services and campus recruiting.

Students came away from the day with lots of new perspectives, ideas, and insights to consider.

Alumnae Director Amanda Novak Hewitt '04 is thrilled to see so many alumnae come back to campus to help and inspire fellow Holton girls. "It's one of the best things that alumnae can do," she says. "Students benefit so much from hearing the stories and specific insights of graduates, who understand our community and education so intimately. Our alumnae have the ability to say, 'Holton prepared me for this field,' or 'I wish I had taken this class instead.' This advice and perspective is invaluable, and events like this remind students how powerful the Holton network can be and help students forge personal and professional connections."