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Parents Association

Welcome to the Parents Association, a group to which all Holton-Arms parents belong.

Each school year, enthusiastic parents come together through the Parents Association to actively support the Holton-Arms community. It's fun, the girls appreciate it, and you will likely make lifelong friends! We hope that you find a way to join with us as we build on the special place that is Holton-Arms.

The Parents Association supports and enhances the school community through programs and activities involving parents, students, faculty, and staff. It also provides an open, ongoing two-way communication channel between the parents and administration of the School which benefits the School as well as the parents.

The Parents Association sponsors a number of activities and encourages parents to become involved in the planning, execution, and enjoyment of each one.

The Executive Committee, elected at the Annual Meeting, manages the organization with assistance from two or three Grade Representatives from each grade. The Grade Reps work closely with the Division Director and, particularly in Lower School, classroom teachers to plan grade-related events and assist the students in classroom related activities. Committee chairs are appointed by the President and provide leadership for various events and interest groups throughout the School.

2022-2023 Executive Board

President: Mariama Vinson
VP of Programs and Events: Ellen Spiegel      
VP of DE&IB: Scott Provinse
Secretary: Yosh Hakutani
Treasurer: Renee Esfandiary
Upper School Division Rep: Julie Buchanan
Middle School Division Rep: Katie Walker
Lower School Division Rep: Kristen Stanton
PCW Rep: Mandana Tavakoli
Nominations Chair: Lisa Noto
Immediate Past President: Liz Muhlbaum
Member at Large: Nickole Sharp 
Member at Large: Rachel Ahmed

2022-2023 Grade Reps     

Grade 3 Rep   Jen Kavounas
Grade 3 Rep    Lucia Cassidy 
Grade 4 Rep    Pilar Rivera
Grade 4 Rep    Camilla Lee
Grade 4 Rep    Tina Gaddy
Grade 5 Rep    Shivani Gupta
Grade 5 Rep    Dana Fields
Grade 5 Rep    Marleandra Brown
Grade 6 Rep    Tracy Kroloff
Grade 6 Rep    Melissa DiLeonardo
Grade 6 Rep    Jessica Jue
Grade 7 Rep    Haniya Raza
Grade 7 Rep    Carrol Hebron
Grade 7 Rep    Allie Ammermen
Grade 8 Rep    Imran Javaid
Grade 8 Rep    Malia Stenerson
Grade 8 Rep    Heather Haberl
Grade 9 Rep    Charis Zuchowski
Grade 9 Rep    Stephanie Fiesta
Grade 9 Rep    Tiffany Kittrell
Grade 10 Rep  Radha Cohen
Grade 10 Rep  Monica Davis
Grade 10 Rep  Craig Astrich
Grade 11 Rep  Melissa Lipman
Grade 11 Rep  Heather Parsels
Grade 11 Rep  Lisa Clark
Grade 12 Rep  Judith Ross
Grade 12 Rep  Karen Mathura
Grade 12 Rep  Nicole Kang