Notes from the Grade 9 Dean

Please see below for important Grade 9 Information. Have a wonderful summer!

Your Grade 9 Class Dean,

Tucker Sowers 

  • Freshman Fall Activity Requirement
  • Freshman Fall Activity Day (for all ninth graders not playing a fall sport) – August 29
  • Grade 9 Parent Orientation – August 29
  • Orientation for all ninth graders and new students – August 30
  • Baseline concussion testing for all students in grade 9

Freshman Fall Activity Requirement: In order to provide an opportunity for every ninth grader to forge relationships with students in her grade beyond the classroom, we ask that each student to participate in a fall activity.  Your daughter may choose to go out for a fall athletic team (cross country, field hockey, soccer, tennis, dance, or volleyball), or participate in one of the following one-day activities:  the fall drama production (acting or tech), the Great Outdoors, or community service. Each rising ninth grader selected a Fall Activity either at an eighth grade advisory meeting or at New Student Placement Testing.  Please ask your daughter which activity she selected; if she is unable to remember, you may call or email Adriane Anderson, Upper School Administrative Assistant (301.365.6045).

Thursday, August 29: Freshman Fall Activity Day

Ninth graders who are not playing a fall sport are asked to participate in an all-day shared experience with other students in their chosen fall activity: the Drama Discovery Day, the Great Outdoors (a brisk hike), or a Community Service project.  Your daughter should receive specific information from faculty leaders of their fall activity in mid-August. Please contact or email Grade 9 Class Dean Tucker Sowers (301.767.2338) if you have any questions.

Thursday, August 29: Grade 9 Parent Orientation to the Upper School, 6 – 7:30 p.m.*

We hope that all Class of 2023 households will be represented at the Ninth Grade Parent Orientation on Thursday, August 30 from 6 – 7:30 p.m. in the Dining Hall. At the meeting, Upper School Director Chris Lynch, Dean of Students Lisa Craig, Grade 9 Class Dean Tucker Sowers, and Guidance Counselor Annette Levitine-Woodside will conduct an orientation to the Upper School specific to the interests of parents whose daughters are moving into high school. Peer Counselors and student leaders will be on hand to speak about the Upper School experience as well.  

*Ninth graders, who have been on campus for fall sports practices or Freshman Fall Activity Day, are invited to enjoy pizza and a movie while the Parent Orientation occurs.

Friday, August 30: ORIENTATION for all Grade 9 and New Students, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

All Grade 9 and new students must arrive, in uniform and with laptop, by 8 a.m. Students should enter through the FRONT ENTRANCE to check in before hearing up to the third floor to receive their locker number and combination. The purpose of Orientation is to help make the transition to Upper School as smooth as possible. Students will receive their planners, schedules, and locker assignments with combinations, and will have time to get acquainted with the facilities, their classrooms, and their Peer Counselors.

IMPACT TESTING (BASELINE FOR CONCUSSIONS) -  All grade 9 students will take a brief baseline impact test at school either during pre-season (all fall athletes) or in early September (all other ninth graders). The tests will be administered under the supervision of Maureen Siburt, Athletic Trainer, and Lori Herringa, Director of Student Health. Students will complete the computer-based test during their free periods. Test results will be used only in the event that a student has sustained a possible concussion. Should a student suffer a concussion (whether during a school activity or elsewhere), the school will follow Holton’s Concussion Policy to ensure a safe and stable recovery period.