Notes from the Grade 11 Dean

Please see below for important Grade 11 Information. Have a wonderful summer!

Your Grade 11 Class Dean,

Shay Squeglia

ImPACT Testing (Baseline for Concussions): All eleventh  grade students will take a brief baseline impact test at school either during pre-season (August 21 at 11:15 for fall athletes) or in early September. The tests will be administered under the supervision of Maureen Siburt, Athletic Trainer, and Lori Herringa, Director of Student Health. Students will complete the computer-based test during their free periods. Test results will be used only in the event that a student has sustained a possible concussion. Should a student suffer a concussion (whether during a school activity or elsewhere), the school will follow Holton’s Concussion Policy to ensure a safe and stable recovery period.

Thursday-Saturday, September 12 to 14: HARP (Holton-Arms Retreat Program) All eleventh grade students will participate in this three-day retreat program.  The retreat was designed to create a community which will cultivate character, promote wellness, and encourage individuals to explore their own identity.  We ask for the girls’ and families’ support with this annual event; please be on the lookout for an email from Shay Squeglia with information about parents’ role in preparing for the retreat.  More information will be sent as we begin the year.

Wednesday, October 16: Episcopal High School College Fair, 2 – 3 p.m. This college mini-fair is for students only.

Wednesday, October 30: PSAT, 8 a.m. All eleventh grade students will take the PSAT, which counts as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.

Wednesday, November 20: College Night, 7-9:30 p.m.

Please mark your calendars now for College Night, which includes a keynote speaker and breakout sessions covering the college application process. Attendance is mandatory for all 11th grade students and their parents.

Parking Permits
Due to space limitations, student parking on campus is limited to Juniors and Seniors. Students should go to the Front Desk to register their car and to get a parking hangtag. If they currently have a hangtag, students must still fill out a registration form for the upcoming school year with their current hangtag number inserted on the form. Remember, no students may park on campus without a hangtag after the first week of classes.

IMPORTANT ADVANCE NOTICE ABOUT TEXTBOOK PURCHASING FOR GRADE 11 HISTORY: When the time comes next month to purchase your daughter’s textbooks for the coming year, you need not re-purchase the Boyer, Mullane, Perry and McKay texts as the girls used these during tenth grade and should still have their copies.