Notes from the Grade 10 Dean

Please see below for important Grade 12 Information. Have a wonderful summer!

Your Grade 10 Class Dean,

Martha Macon Smith

Please Welcome Martha Macon Smith as the Grade 10 Class Dean for the 2019-2020 school year!

Many of you know Martha Macon as a wonderful English 9 teacher and now she will be your class dean.  Her natural warmth and approachability will serve your daughters well, as they will all have a fabulous advocate and mentor looking out for their emotional, academic and social well-being.  As I move on to be the Chair of the Mathematics Department, I know you will be in great hands with Ms. Smith. 

Friday, September 13: Grade 10 Retreat

The girls and their teachers will head downtown to visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and D.C.’s Newseum. We will start at the Tidal Basin, where we will take in the historic MLK Memorial. After a D.C. walking tour and lunch in small groups, the girls will visit the Newseum’s interactive exhibits—including "1965: Civil Rights at 50", “Inside Today’s FBI”, and the Berlin Wall Gallery. Please remind your daughters to bring a water bottle and to wear comfortable shoes, as we will be walking quite a bit.

Wednesday, October 23: Grade 10 Alcohol Symposium and Community of Concern Event

All tenth graders and at least one parent are required to attend the Alcohol Symposium on October 23. Please make every effort to attend this event. The evening will focus on the topic of alcohol and other drugs, substance abuse in general, and the poor decisions that teenagers can make when under the influence -- or in the company of those under the influence -- either before or after partaking. During the course of the evening, parents and students will participate in roundtable discussions regarding common social situations and the dilemmas that our students and parents face on a regular basis. Our goal is to arm each family—parent(s) and daughter alike—as well as the entire tenth grade community with the information and confidence to keep communication lines open to ensure that our students can enjoy healthy, legal, and appropriate social interaction with their high school peers.