Course List & Book Ordering

Your daughter's Course Enrollment list will be posted in the Student Database towards the end of July. 

Once in the student database, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over My Children
  2. Click on Classes & Reports under your daughter's name, 
  3. Click on Course Enrollments.

Please use this list when procuring books for the school year. If there is an error in this list (e.g., your daughter is enrolled in Chinese when she should be French), simply delay purchasing materials for this course until we have a chance to touch base and then make any necessary adjustments. Please note, any requests for course changes will be reviewed beginning Monday, August, 19.

Holton uses MBS Direct for online book ordering services. Please refer to the easy-to-follow directions below, and contact MBS Direct 844-603-9960 should you have any questions. If further assistance is required, please call the Middle School office.

The online bookstore will open August 5, 2019 and offers free shipping the first two weeks.

All students must have their books for the first day of classes (September 4).

The Alumnae Association will host the Used Book Sale on Wednesday, August 7. While not every book your daughter needs will be available at this event, it is still a great opportunity to save some money. Gently used uniforms will also be on sale. 


1. Go to the online bookstore

2. Click on "Order Your Books" and then select payment

3. Check each course (English, History, World Language, Math, and Science). Click "Continue"

4. You will then see a master listing of all courses within each discipline. Referring to your daughter's course list [available online in the student database (click on Course Enrollment)], check the appropriate class within each discipline; click "Continue"

5. You will then see only those titles pertaining to your daughter's courses. After reviewing the options listed, click "Add To Cart" and follow the check-out directions provided.

6. Please note the following:

  • All texts for English class must be purchased new;
  • Please note that in the Middle School, there is no need to purchase texts for Art.
  • Be sure to reference the exact ISBN number if you take advantage of any service other than MBS or the Alumnae Used Book Sale. ISBN numbers can be found through the Holton Bookstore on the MBS website.
  • If you have any questions about the online ordering process, please contact the MBS Customer Contact Center at 1-800-325-3252 or