College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

US Uniform Requirements

Parents are expected to support and enforce the uniform. All clothing must be clean, neat, and in good repair, and must fit appropriately. The Holton uniform makes getting out the door in the morning so much easier!

Logo always refers to the Holton logo. Skirts must measure no more than five inches above the knee. Skirts should be big enough to be buttoned and zipped closed (no rolling). All clothing should be labeled with the student’s name. No sweatpants may be worn under the uniform. Navy bike or gym shorts may be worn under the uniform, but may not be visible below the uniform.

NOTE: The Holton plaid is identified in Lands’ End materials as the “white plaid.”

SHIRTS: White or navy blue collared shirt with or without Holton logo NO sleeveless. NO T-shirts. NO words/writing except the officially sanctioned Holton logo

SKIRT: Uniform only. Holton plaid or navy appropriately sized and in good repair.

PANTS: Navy slacks, chino/twill, or corduroy

SWEATPANT (NEW for 22-23): Sweatpants will be allowed as our winter uniform starting after Thanksgiving break (11/29/22) until the start of our spring break (3/22/23). ONLY solid navy blue or navy blue Holton sweat pants are in uniform.  Any other color (i.e. gray) or navy sweats with other logos will not be permitted. Sweatpants are worn under/with the Holton skirt.

SWEATERS/JACKETS/SWEATSHIRTS/BLAZER: Solid white, gray, or navy sweatshirt, with or without Holton logo. NO other words or writing. Solid navy or white sweater. Holton jacket or Navy blazer with Holton crest.

SOCKS: Navy or white socks Navy or white tights. Navy, white, or black ankle-length tights or leggings (worn under skirt).

SHOES: Heels less than 2” only.

DRESS FOR FRIDAYS: Out of uniform [Any daytime wear appropriate for school].

Purchasing Uniforms

School Store 

Please visit the School Store in-person (M-F 8:30-3:30 p.m. when school is in session) or online to purchase uniform accessories such as sweatshirts, sweatpants, socks, headbands etc.

Holton-Arms uniforms can be purchased from several sources, including:

Tommy Hilfiger School Uniforms Partner School Number (HOLT01) & Ordering Instructions (PDF)

Lands' End, please be sure to use our identifying:

Preferred school number: 900117060
Logo Description: School Name with H 
Logo application fee: $5.50 added at checkout