College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Technology Requirements Grs. 3-5

Lower School Chromebooks Grs. 3-5

Family-Owned and School-Managed Program

For 9 years, our Lower School 1:1 program in grades 5 and 6 has leveraged the use of the Apple iPad as a powerful tool for learning. Three years ago, we established a 1:1 Chromebook program for grades 3 and 4. We’ve since learned that the Chromebooks are an incredible tool for learning, with features that will better serve the needs of all of our Lower School students. Through teacher, student, and parent feedback, we have decided to expand the use of the Chromebooks to grades 5 and 6. For the 2021-2022 academic year, Holton-Arms is requiring that all Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5 families purchase a new Lenovo 500e Chromebook that will be family-owned and school-managed.

Technology Acceptable Use:

To strengthen our partnership to help maintain safe and acceptable use, please access your grade level policy and go through it together with your student.

Grades 3 & 4

Grade 5

What to Buy:

We are requiring parents to buy a new Lenovo 500e Chromebook with a full accidental breakage warranty, which guarantees minimal disruption should the computer malfunction or is damaged in any way. Each bundle will include the Chromebook with a stylus and a 4-year accidental breakage warranty.

When to Buy:

All Chromebooks must be ordered no later than July 03, 2021.

Where to Buy:

Families must purchase through DSR Computers. Purchasing through the same vendor allows the school to manage the Chromebooks through the Google Workspace Admin portal. DSR will ship the Chromebooks to Holton, where we will configure the device, add it to our Google domain, and prepare to distribute them at the start of school.

DSR Computer Sales & Service

Please visit the following web address to place your order online:

**** You will not be charged immediately, DSR will contact you directly through email with an order confirmation and payment instructions within 1 business day. ****

For questions or phone orders:
Primary Contact: Donnie Orndorff 800-875-0037
If Donnie is not available when you call, please press 0 to be connected with someone else at DSR who can help.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Mike Robertson
Director of Libraries and Information Services