College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Note from the Learning Specialist

Summer is an important time to rest, recharge, and start preparing for the upcoming school year. If students are feeling anxious about transitioning to the next grade, it can be helpful for them to review or preview topics over the summer months, even just once per week. There are many other ways for students to keep their general skills sharp as well. Some ways to continue strengthening tools and reinforcing content include:

  • Reading anything of interest! Novels, magazines, poetry, blogs, short stories, etc.
  • Writing! Students can keep a journal, do creative writing, or start a poetry club.
  • Starting a book club with friends. Groups can read a book together and meet once a week to talk about it.
  • Cooking is a great way to keep skills with fractions and proportions fresh!
    • Practice changing the serving sizes and re-proportioning ingredients for an extra challenge.
  • Reviewing math! Students can keep study packets from class and practice over the summer, and/or they can use websites like Khan Academy or Math IXL.
  • Practicing world language using DuoLingo or Quizlets.

Word of the Day! Students can build their vocabulary by using the word of the day in a sentence and/or by incorporating it into the conversation.