College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Summer Work: Math


  1. Work 1-2 hours per week generally. Do not leave work until the last week of summer. There is too much material to cover in one day.
  2. Weekly practice will help you retain these important math skills for your future math courses.
  3. Your teacher will be able to see how much time you are spending on each unit and how often you are accessing the website.
  4. Use the website to its fullest. You can ask for hints to help you do specific problems. If you don’t have any idea how to a set of problems, watch one or two of the recommended videos. Feel free to email your teacher as well if you have questions. You do not need to keep any written work, but you may want a notepad handy as you do the work.
  5. Your progress will be incorporated into your first TRIMESTER grade. GOOD LUCK!

Email Claudia Pinckney if you have any questions.

Students Entering Grade 7 Algebra IA (required) - Khan Academy Course Work

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Students Entering 8th Grade Algebra 1B (required) - Khan Academy Course Work

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