College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Holton plaid jumper

All clothing must be clean, neat, hemmed, in good repair, and fit appropriately. Jumper hems should not be shorter than the student’s fingertips. All clothing should be labeled with student’s name. Dress for field trips is at the teacher’s discretion.

Logo always refers to the Holton logo. All clothing must be clean, neat, in good repair, hemmed, and must fit appropriately. Jumper hems must touch the top of the knee. All clothing should be labeled with student’s name. No sweatpants may be worn under the uniform. Navy bike or gym shorts may be worn under the uniform, but may not be visible below the uniform. 

NOTE: The Holton plaid is identified in Lands’ End materials as the “white plaid.”

  • Shirts: White or navy short or long sleeved logo polo shirt, White turtleneck (Shirt tails tucked in)
  • Jumpers/Skirts: Holton plaid jumper (should not be shorter than student’s fingertips)
  • Pants: Navy slacks, corduroy or twill  
  • Skorts/Shorts: Navy skort or Navy bermuda shorts, Navy bike or Holton gym shorts (under uniform only)  
  • Sweaters/Sweatshirts/Jackets: Navy, white, or gray Holton sweatshirt with logo , Navy cardigan sweater, Holton fleece jacket 
  • Socks: Navy or white socks (no decoration/Holton logo allowed), socks must be visible above the ankle
  • Tights: Navy or white 
  • Leggings: Navy, white, black, or gray ankle length dance leggings (no lace trim),
  • Shoes: Students are required to wear athletic sneakers to school on a daily basis. These athletic sneakers must follow the color guideline below and have a non-marking sole and laces that tie securely. Please note that it is very important to have full stability and arch support, and therefore fashion sneakers will not be permitted.
  • Athletic Shoe Guidelines: Lower School students must wear sneakers that are all black, white or navy. Any details or highlights (including laces) can be black, white, navy or gray.
  • Jewelry/Accessories: Limited to stud earrings and wristwatch, (no rings, necklaces, bracelets, or anklets), Simple hair accessories in uniform colors (blue, white, grey, plaid). Students may wear one hair tie or scrunchie on their wrist. No nail polish or hair dye.
  • Physical Education 

    • Grades 3 - 6 Holton P.E. uniform (uniform white or navy polo shirt and shorts*) and carrying bag (issued to students)
    • Navy, white or gray Holton sweatshirt and sweatpants for cold weather activities. 
    • See Athletic Shoe Guidelines above

*ordered through Land’s End, see below. 

Purchasing Uniforms

Holton-Arms uniforms can be purchased from several sources, including:

Tommy Hilfiger School Uniforms Partner School Number (HOLT01) & Ordering Instructions (PDF)

Lands' End, please be sure to use our identifying:

Preferred school number: 900117060
Logo description: School Name with H