College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

LS Summer Math

cartoon sunshineRegular practice with problem-solving, computation, and math facts will strengthen and maintain mathematical gains made during the school year. We recommend that you try to integrate 15-20 minutes of math activities into your child's day.  

We strongly encourage all Lower School students to use/continue playing Dreambox, an individualized online math learning program. Our expectation is for all students to complete a minimum of five Dreambox lessons per week. This program is adaptable and will adjust to your child’s “just-right” level.  This parent letter provides instructions regarding access and monitoring your child’s progress (each lesson takes approximately 8-10 minutes).

Also, your child’s Reflex Math and IXL accounts will be fully accessible throughout the summer. These programs provide great practice opportunities for fact practice.  Another favorite fact fluency practice app available from the Apple store is Quick Math.

Fact fluency expectations: 

  • Rising Grade 3: Addition and subtraction facts within 20
  • Rising Grade 4: Addition and subtraction facts within 20 and multiplication and division facts 0-10
  • Rising Grades 5 & 6:  Addition and subtraction facts within 20 and multiplication and division facts 0-12

If your child does not have access to a computer or tablet, please email Christy Diefenderfer, and we can arrange for your daughter to borrow a Chromebook. We also have a few spaces left in our Rising Grade 3 to Grade 6 August sessions for Virtual Math Camp.  Rising Grade 7 students may register for virtual Math Camp too.  Please email LS Math Coordinator Sarah Coste with any questions. 

For screen-free, targeted, grade-level practice the Math Skills Sharpener workbook is a good choice. If you decide to purchase this workbook, please order the grade level your daughter just completed.

Games and puzzles are often the most engaging! Ms.Coste’s Fall 2019 letter is filled with fun family games, logic puzzles (there is also a grade 6-8 version), and card games are great ways to have fun while strengthening fact recall and strategic thinking.  Above all else, let’s keep the girls exploring numbers and thinking about math in the world around them!