College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Parents Association

About the Parents Association

Welcome to the Parents Association, a group to which all Holton-Arms parents belong. Each school year, enthusiastic parents come together through the Parents Association to actively support the Holton-Arms community. It's fun, the girls appreciate it, and you will likely make lifelong friends! We hope that you find a way to join with us as we build on the special place that is Holton-Arms.

The Parents Association supports and enhances the school community through programs and activities involving parents, students, faculty, and staff. It also provides an open, ongoing two-way communication channel between the parents and administration of the School which benefits the School as well as the parents.

The Parents Association sponsors a number of activities and encourages parents to become involved in the planning, execution, and enjoyment of each one.

The Executive Committee, elected at the Annual Meeting, manages the organization with assistance from two or three Grade Representatives from each grade. The Grade Reps work closely with the Division Director and, particularly in Lower School, classroom teachers to plan grade-related events and assist the students in classroom related activities. Committee chairs are appointed by the President and provide leadership for various events and interest groups throughout the School.

Did you know the Parents Association has a Group Space in the Parent Portal? Log in and look for the Parents Association link under "My Groups."

2019-2020 PA Executive Committee

President Cal Daggitt
VP of Committees and Events Leigh Holley
VP of Grade Reps Sharon Bradley
Secretary Mandana Tavakoli
Treasurer Elizabeth Dirgins
Assistant Treasurer Victoria Quint
Upper School Division Representative Jennifer Darcey
Middle School Division Representative Rachel Ahmed
Lower School Division Representative Mariama Vinson
Volunteer Coordinator Elizabeth Brody
Nominations Chair, ex officio Julie Buchanan
Immediate Past President Cheryl Heller
2019-2020 Grade Reps
Grade 3 Rep Ramsey White
Grade 3 Rep Sean Shannon
Grade 4 Rep Mary Tousi
Grade 4 Rep Sandra Lippard
Grade 4 Rep Deborah Fox
Grade 5 Rep Scott Provinse
Grade 5 Rep Lindsey Akridge
Grade 5 Rep Kate Karafotas
Grade 6 Rep Kristin Mills
Grade 6 Rep Jennifer Kavounas
Grade 6 Rep Gretchen Gaston
Grade 7 Rep Judy Chung
Grade 7 Rep Beth Javdan
Grade 7 Rep Katie Astrich
Grade 8 Rep Ariel De
Grade 8 Rep Sonia Ahuja
Grade 8 Rep Shelley Rudge
Grade 9 Rep Yosh Hakutani
Grade 9 Rep Jacqueline Tate
Grade 9 Rep Libbie Feldner
Grade 10 Rep Shannon Pryer
Grade 10 Rep Shari Lahlou
Grade 10 Rep Sherry Brett-Major
Grade 11 Rep Dinga Ogada
Grade 11 Rep Leyla Rahjou-Esfandiary
Grade 11 Rep Irene Knizek
Grade 11 Rep Nidhi Gupta
Grade 12 Rep Debbie Hannam
Grade 12 Rep Kimberly Boykin
Grade 12 Rep Anne Worster