College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Health & Wellness

A student's health and wellness is key to her academic and overall success. The Holton-Arms' Health and Wellness program supports the social, emotional, physical, academic, and developmental growth of every student.

Health and Wellness programming gives each student the tools she needs to be resilient and feel empowered to make healthy choices.

Members of the Health and Wellness Committee work to insure that the program takes a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, through a variety of programs, events, and facilitators.

In addition, the School provides programs and resources for parents, faculty, and staff fostering the entire Holton community.


Meet Our Team

Carrie Braun
P.E., Aquatics Director, Health Instructor

Kristen Edma
MS Guidance Counselor

Toni Henderson
P.E., Health Instructor, Athletic Coach

Lori Herringa, RN
Dir. of Student Health, Health Dept. Chair, Chair of Health and Wellness

Annette Levitine-Woodside
US Counselor

Cami Roth
P.E., Health Instructor, Athletic Coach

Sarah Roney
Dance and Drama Department Coordinator, Dance Instructor, Wellness Coordinator

Rachel Helming
LS Guidance Counselor

Laura Scanlon
US Learning Specialist

Maureen Siburt
Athletic Trainer

Nan Smith
P.E., Health Instructor

Susan Bentley
LS Learning & Reading Specialist

Gail Whitley
MS Learning Specialist