Blackout Poetry

Blackout poetry is a tradition that started in former Holton teacher Elizabeth Buko's classroom. To this day, many members of sophomore English classes continue the tradition of creating blackout poetry.

Using pages from old books, the students craft poems by coloring the page black save for the the words they choose for the poem. This exercise provides them an opportunity to create something without the fear of staring at a blank slate. It's fun searching for words, almost like a treasure hunt. Poetry is about finding the words that sound beautiful together, often by some happy accident. Blackout poetry allows for these random fusions of words to meld into meaning.

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Greer Knebel '18

Ashleigh Hale '18

Kate Gusek '18

Ellie Yeo '18

Rayne Layton '18

Ceci Gichner '18

Nayana MacMillan '18

Niki Abdala-Arata '18

Kristen Bitsberger '18

Kat Soltany '18

Morgan Johnson '18