Coffeehouse features original works written, composed, and performed by students from all divisions of the school and occasionally by faculty members.

This page includes photos and videos - click to view some of the performances!

Listen to Raeyan Syed '20 read her poem.

Meghan Hunter '17 sings an original composition.

Listen to Aisling Mockler '20 read her poem.

Maddie Armitage '17 performs original choreography to "Misty Mountains" by Howard Shore from The Hobbit.

Listen to Lexi Boo '18 performs an original song.

Jaimie Lwin '21 plays an original piece on the violin.

Listen to Laila Holland '20 read her poem.

Slam poetry perfomed by Mimi Chouikha '16

Caroline Smith and Charlotte Koonce '18 singing original compilation.

Listen to Maddie Slack '16 read a Senior W.

Listen to Caroline McDonald '16 read a Senior W.

Camille Blum and Maddie Slack '16 sing an original medley.

"Coffeehouse was a great creative opportunity."
~Camille Blum '16

Andrea Sloter '16 performs in character as Grendel during Improv.

Chris Lee, Mark Robinson, and Mary Jane Pagenstecher
perform a dramatic reading of "Jump" by Kriss Kross