Click above to read the Spring 2016 print edition of Scroll.

Scroll, the Holton-Arms literary club, founded in 1906 by Carolyn Hough Arms, seeks to develop the literary talents of Holton students. The club meets weekly to practice the craft of creative writing and also produces the school literary-arts magazine. The magazine has evolved from a mimeographed handout to a full-color production, in which the Scroll editors showcase the beauty of student creations in the best possible way, juxtaposing image and word in striking layouts. This webpage, Scrolling, presents the online edition of the magazine with expanded features. The unique capabilities of a website allow us to display additional artwork and other artistic forms we could not show in the past, such as songwriting and fashion design along with providing students with the opportunity to discuss their creative processes. Enjoy scrolling through the site!

Banner Photograph by Ginger Looney '16