"Our Global Education program is about seeing the world and making sense of it through exposure to and cultivation of diverse perspectives. Through these powerful images, our students communicate their unique perceptions and understanding of their world with you."

~Melissa Brown, Director of Global Education

Scroll down to view art inspired by Holton-Arms' focus on global education . . .

Old Woman with Hat

Maggie Davis '18

Who Am I?

Hannah Maydanik '16

Hong Kong Cable Cars

Rebecca Chan '17

Wise Man

Caroline McDonald '16

Peering out to the Sea

Gigi Mensah '16

Frances in India

Caroline McDonald '16

Moroccan Moment

Hadley Gouldman '16

Sikh School Boys

Francis Gichner '16

Roman Sculpture

Gigi Mensah '16

Elephant Tusks

Catie Mulligan '16

Henna Hands

Olivia Zimmerman '16

India Hands

Caroline McDonald '16

Castle Arch

Ginger Looney '16