"The main objective of the project was to make the food look as realistic as possible, so I rolled each kernel individually. The process was super tedious but the results of the end product were definitely worth it."

~Reilly Anderson '16

Still Life

Reilly Anderson '16


Julia Fox-Rabinovich '16


Shea Sion '17


Olivia Thomas '16


Catie Mulligan '16

Dark Delight

Rebecca Chan '17

Rich in Fiber, Iron, and manganese,
Complete with many antioxidants
And saturated fats to ward off disease,
It has a delicious consequence.
Not only nutritious, but also replete
With powers to reduce heart attack risk,
No meal without it can be called complete.
Such a pleasurable texture like bisque,
It melts satisfyingly and smoothly.
The satiating flavors appease my tongue
as I admire the rare, true beauty
of the substance I have loved since I was young.
No other food can begin to compare
To my Ghiardelli dark chocolate square.


Samantha Danshes '16


Olivia Thomas '16


Caleigh Mason '18

Banana Pop

Samantha DeNovio '16

Persimmons and Gooseberries

Haley Butler '16

Orange and Orange Slices

Hannah Maydanik '16