College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Arts in Action Spotlight: 8-Minute Superheroes & Pandemic Photojournalism

Each week, we'll be sharing snapshots from our distance learning classrooms, including spotlights on our Arts in Action! This week, we caught up with technical theater and photography classes and asked them to share one of their activities or assignments.  


Teacher: Mark Robinson
Assistants: His children
Activity: 8-Minute Superheroes
Details: As part of a longer class and without advanced notice, Robinson gave students just 8 minutes to gather things from around their homes to make a superhero costume. When the time was up, students had to reveal their costumes one-by-one, complete with name and superpowers. (He dressed up, too, with the help of his children, who served as sidekicks!)
Takeaways: The exercise was not only fun and interactive; it also helped students hone their creative (and critical) eye and problem-solving skills, while working on a tight deadline—key skills not only in the theater, but in life!

Mark Robinson 8 Minute Superheroes Activity 4.16.20


Teacher: Donna Maclean
Assignment: Pandemic-Time Photojournalism 
Details: The teacher has tasked Advanced Photography students with documenting the changes they are experiencing in their lives because of the global pandemic. Each week, Maclean gives them different prompts to guide their shooting and to explore through journal entries. 
Takeaways: Photojournalism and journaling give students opportunities to process what they are seeing, hearing, and feeling; to sift through facts, details, and images to consider which messages they most want to share with others during (and about) this time; to experience the powerful role that photojournalists and journalists play in times of crisis; and to find something beautiful and powerful amid chaos and uncertainty. 

US Photojournalism Class 4.16.20

Photo by Alicia Colomer '20 depicting deserted D.C. streets.

US Photojournalism 2 4.16.20

Photo by Raeyan Syed '20 showing the ambiguity lingering in our lives amidst the outbreak, shutdowns, and working and schooling from home.

US Photojournalism 2 4.16.20
US Photojournalism 2 4.16.20

Photos by Evan Israel '20 and Emma Isaacson '22 illustrating the new realities of empty shelves and safety protocols (even for special treats).