College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Capture the School Year Through Vidigami!

Now that all students are on campus there will be more opportunities to capture the exciting events happening at Holton throughout the year! As always, we’d love your help. We encourage all community members to submit photos to Vidigami to showcase the wonderful Holton community. And follow along--- view hundreds of photos shared from your peers. Photos for general school use (web stories, social media, publications, etc.), can be loaded to our Vidigami photo-sharing site. Vidigami is a secure, web-based photo management system that captures, organizes, and privately shares school photos with members of the Holton community. Instructions are below. 

Should you have any questions, please contact our Communications Office


How to Access Your Vidigami Account: 
Log into the Parent Portal and select the “School Resources” tab. To the far right you’ll see a blue icon box with Vidigami. Click there and you should be logged into your account.

How to Install the Mobile App
The newest version of the Vidigami app (V3) can only be downloaded through a mobile web browser; Safari (iOS) or Chrome (Android). In order to use the newest version of V3, you will need to delete/uninstall any old versions you may have of the old app. Detailed instructions on how to install the app are provided in the link above.  

How to Follow a Group (classes, grade levels, events):
Your personal Vidigami homepage has access to sections called “Feed”, “My Pages”, and “Explore.” To access content from a specific group (images, videos, albums), you will need to go to your homepage and navigate to the Explore section to choose the groups you’d like to follow. Once you follow a specific group, you will be able to see them under My Pages and content will appear on your Feed. 

How to Upload Media:
Detailed instructions with step-by-step images of how to upload media to Vidigami are provided in the link above. 

How to Download Media:
Detailed instructions with step-by-step images of how to download media to Vidigami are provided in the link above. 

Explore the Knowledge Base Page to learn more about Vidigami.