College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

US Panthers of the Week for Sept. 22 and Oct. 5

Our Panther of the Week (POTW) recognition is back, honoring Upper School athletes who stand out on the field, court, and trails for their many contributions to their respective team. Below, please find the POTWs for Sept. 22 and Oct. 5.

Panthers of the Week: Sept. 22

Tennis – The tennis coaches nominate Darya Alimoradi for POTW. Darya has displayed a formidable level of improvement and has been very focused, supportive, and determined to perform and help her teammates.  She has matured tremendously over the last few months and her quiet confidence is a pleasure to watch. Congratulations Darya!

Soccer – The soccer program would like to nominate Maria Klick for POTW.  Not only is Maria a fantastic athlete, but her work ethic separates her from the competition.  She is by nature a very quiet and understated person, but when you work as hard as she does and lead by example in whatever you are asked to accomplish, people will always look up to you as who they want to emulate.  We couldn't be happier with her contribution thus far. Well done Maria!

Field Hockey – Field hockey would like to nominate Eve Mullen for POTW because she is AWESOME! We appreciate her big smile, her uplifting energy, her willingness to support her teammates, and her desire to improve as a player.  In our virtual workouts, Eve comes on time and eager to work hard each and every day which has been evident in her daily Flipgrids. On our Saturday practice, Eve stepped up to lead stretches and take on a leadership role in drills since our captains were not present. We are thankful to have Eve as part of our field hockey family!!!

Volleyball – The volleyball coaches are nominating Bella Motsco as their POTW.  Bella has been a great leader so far this season.  She is always on time for practice and always ready and willing to help out with leading stretches or helping the other players with various drills and skills.  She is also very helpful to the coaches by offering up suggestions on practices and ideas to have fun activities to keep everyone engaged. Congrats and thanks Bella!

Cross Country – The cross country coaches would like to nominate Irene Qi for POTW. During the first two weeks of school, Irene has done everything in her power to make cross country practices feel “normal” and inclusive for all athletes. She has been a great motivator and is able to relate to all grade levels. She demonstrated her leadership in a variety of ways and her teammates have recognized this about Irene’s leadership and commitment to the team during our first two weeks of practice. Her dedication to the team and enthusiasm and passion for cross country have been felt by her teammates. She has been a good role model, helpful to others, hard-working, supportive, and encouraging to everyone on the team. We, the coaches, could not be more impressed, grateful, and appreciative of her exemplary leadership.

Panthers of the Week: Oct. 5

Soccer – Soccer would like to nominate Maia Ferreira for POTW.  Maia's focus and effort in training have really been an inspiration to the group.  She has an explosive level of quickness, that when paired with an almost flawless technique, will send fear into the hearts of any opposing defender.  We are so proud and thankful she is playing for us, rather than against us, because the coaching staff and her teammates have no doubt she will take the ISL by storm this coming spring.  Well done Maia!

Tennis – Tennis would like to nominate Zoey Verbesey for POTW.  Zoe has improved tremendously through the last few months. She has gone from a complete novice to challenging some of the most experienced players this fall season. Zoe is also doing it with grace, style, and great team spirit. It is awesome to see a competitor blossom and come to her own. Congrats Zoe!

Field Hockey – Holton field hockey would like to nominate Margot Ruland for POTW.  Even with virtual practices online and social distanced Saturday practices, Margot is positive and eager to participate, following all instructions with a smile. It’s clear she is pushing herself to improve her fitness during the week and it really shows during our Saturday practices. Her ball control, passing and shots have improved so much, and we look forward to her contributing even more to the program during play this spring! Way to go Margot!


Volleyball Volleyball's POTW nomination is Kelsey Frederick.  She is an amazing leader on the team and comes to every practice ready to work hard.  She is always willing to help out her teammates and is seen as a leader on the team.  Kelsey was always on time and very welcoming this fall to the new girls on the team and took time to work with teammates and to help them improve.  Kelsey is a perfect example of how to show others how to work hard but to also have fun! Congrats Kelsey!

Cross Country – The cross country coaches would like to nominate Annika Chidambaran for POTW. Although Annika is not an official captain, she has shown great leadership this fall and has assisted the captains in running certain aspects of practice like warm-up and stretches. She has shown constant and unwavering enthusiasm for the team and running. Many cross country athletes, especially the new runners, have commented that Annika has been instrumental in making them feel included. Additionally, Annika brings fun and excitement to practice, oftentimes in the form of humorous stories or fun anecdotes to lighten the mood during a tough practice. Lastly, Annika has been working hard to improve herself as a runner. She has made great strides to improve strength and endurance; we have no doubt that Annika will be making a push for a top-seven varsity position during our next seven-week season. A true testament to her hard work thus far this season.