College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

US Panthers of the Week for Oct. 28 & Nov. 9 (Spring Sports)

Panthers of the Week: Oct. 28

Crew - Despite the cold, rainy weather, the juniors and seniors on the crew team took on the challenge of rowing in singles on Sunday. The single is one of the more difficult boats to row as they flip relatively quickly. While everyone did an excellent job, one rower stood out; embracing the challenge to its fullest, this rower learned the hard way just how tippy the single is. With the unexpected swim, it would be understandable to turn back to the dock and give up. Not only did this rower get right back in her boat, she finished out the practice improving with every stroke. She embraced the age-old rowing adage that “there are two kinds of scullers: those that have flipped and those that will.” Of course, this impressive afternoon of rowing is in addition to her continued hard work every day at practice. For her remarkable effort every day but particularly the day in the singles, the crew coaches nominate Phoebe Sisson ’22 for Panther of the Week.

Lacrosse - The Holton-Arms lacrosse program would like to nominate Alex Mason '22 for Panther of the Week. Alex made varsity for the first time last year. In order to help grow her lacrosse IQ, we asked her to also play in JV games as it was likely she would not get much playing time on the varsity team. Alex was excited about the opportunity to train with varsity while also getting to apply her skills and expand her knowledge in JV games. And then COVID hit. When Alex stepped back onto the field October 13, she was a different player. Her stick skills had improved, her footwork was better than ever, her shot was powerful and accurate, and her willingness to work hard, respond to the coaches, and take risks was stronger than ever. If we had a game tomorrow, Alex would find herself in the starting lineup. The coaches commend Alex's resolve to improve her skills on her own and come to practice with a positive attitude and open mind. We hope she serves as inspiration for other athletes to work hard and achieve their goals. Well done, Alex!  

Softball - During softball’s virtual practices, one of the skills the team has been developing is juggling three balls. Juggling builds hand-eye coordination in ways that improve reaction time, reflexes, spatial awareness, strategic thinking, and concentration and help develop improved hitting and fielding. Penny Gallagher ’22, softball’s nominee for POTW, has always been on time for practice and hasn’t missed one. She is always ready to jump in with her juggling expertise and to lead stretches and be an example for her teammates. Congrats, Penny!

Track and Field - The track coaches would like to nominate Eve Mullen ’22 for Panther of the Week. As a first-year track athlete; Eve has surprised the new members of the coaching staff with her natural leadership, hard work, and effort. She has exhibited a great attitude when it comes to trying new things and is always willing to give all events a try. Eve has shown herself to be a versatile athlete. Her athletic talent could enhance the team’s overall performances at meets in the spring. We are eager and excited to work with her and see her talent develop throughout the season.  

Club Golf - Club golf would like to nominate Alyssa Wang ’21. Alyssa is a very talented golfer–but it is her unselfishness that wins her the club golf Panther of the Week nomination. She has been working with other players both on the course and on the range when players are virtual. Alyssa has been a great help for others as she meets them at the range and helps with swing details, while continuing to work on her game as well. Congrats and thank you, Alyssa!!

Club Tennis - Adriana Gross ’24 is the Panther of the Week from club tennis. Adrianna has made her mark this “spring” season with superb improvements. She has displayed great maturity, enthusiasm, competitiveness, and grit. This, combined with her good nature, makes it fun and easy to work with her and for this reason, she is our nominee! 

Panthers of the Week: Nov. 9

Crew – Each day, this athlete comes crew practice ready to work and give her best, excited about every workout. The first day she went out in a single, she seemed to feel very comfortable from the get-go, easing into the row like second nature. In her second outing, not more than 5 minutes in, she had the surprise of an unexpected swim. Ready to give up and go back to the dock, she dug deep and got back into the single, finishing out the practice. While she was not excited to be back in the boat at first, it was clear that her willingness to try won out by the end of the practice, and she was pleased with her row! For her grit, determination, and willingness to try again. The crew coaches nominate Sophia Hall ’23 for Panther of the Week.

Lacrosse - The lacrosse program would like to nominate Oliva Maguire ’24 for Panther of the Week. Olivia has been a welcome addition to Holton and we are thrilled she has decided to join the lacrosse team. Olivia’s positive attitude has already positively benefitted the squad. She comes to in-person and virtual practices with a smile on her face and determination in her heart to not only improve her own skills, but also help those around her. You can often find Olivia cheering on her teammates or encouraging them while they are learning together. Olivia is willing to take risks, practicing skills that are new and uncomfortable. She’s a great example of trusting the process and not worrying about doing things perfectly. The growth she has made in our short time together has the coaches excited for the impact she’ll make over her four years.

Softball - You have heard the saying “You play like you practice” That statement could not be truer in the sport of softball. The entire game is based on repetition—quality repetition to be more specific. Players improve in practice, be it virtual or in-person; therefore, it is important to get the most out of those practices to maximize the return. Bella Terhune ’22, softball’s nominee for Panther of the Week, has taken advantage of one-on-one in-person practice sessions to develop and fine-tune her hitting and fielding skills. Bella has demonstrated a commitment to mastering her softball skills with hard work, attention to detail, and a relentless drive to improve.

Track and Field - The track coaches are nominating Annika Chidambaran ’21 for Panther of the Week. Annika has been awesome online! She is always leading a conversation when practice starts. She’s done a great job guiding the group and including underclasswomen during warm-ups, stretches, drills, and workouts. Annika, along with the other seniors who are virtual for the trimester, has prioritized getting to know the other grades in virtual practices. Annika even stayed after practice one day to ask the coach if the team could spend more time on Google Meet as a full group so that teammates could better get to know each other. She keeps her camera on when we’re doing full-group stretches and warm-up drills so that everyone can see how to do each exercise. In addition to leading the group virtually, she is honest with all of her workouts and always shares how they went the next day at practice. Annika is friendly, welcoming, and always leads by example!

Club Golf – This week, club golf would like to nominate Harper Smith ’24 for Panther of the Week. Harper has been a great first-year member of club golf and has worked hard on her already impressive swing, working on tempo, balance, and getting a strong and consistent strike on the ball each time. She also recently set the course record for our chipping course, making two holes-in-one, and scoring a perfect 12, which is par!  Congratulations, Harper!

Club Tennis - Molly Chud ’23 is this week’s nomination from club tennis for Panther of the Week. Molly had a great week, posting impressive wins in all the challenge matches against her teammates. She performed in both singles and doubles and displayed a great sense of maturity and determination. Molly deserves this acknowledgement, as her contribution to overall team spirit and focus has been very constructive.