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US Holton-Landon Spring Play, "The Wayward Inn," Now Available for Viewing!
US Spring Play Wayward Inn 5.21

Holton and Landon Upper School students are proud to present "The Wayward Inn," which premiered on the Holton-Landon Performing Arts YouTube Channel on May 22 and is now available for viewing. The free show was filmed safely by each actor in their own home and stitched together through the magic of technology. You haven't seen anything like it! (Unless, of course, you tuned into the Middle Schools' winter production!)

What is it about?

The Wayward Inn is home to all manner of long-term residents who have lived in the beautiful, but somewhat falling-apart, old residence for decades. Madame Rose Devalier and her granddaughter, Juniper, refuse to accept a dollar more than necessary from their beloved little community. After all, where else can vampires, werewolves, gargoyles, and Bigfoot go and expect to stay safe, warm, and well-fed? (The only rule at the Wayward Inn is that you can't eat people.) But when they can't pay their mortgage, again, the bank comes calling. A young contractor/handyman named Olly arrives to help repair the building, and bumbles his way into their secret. It quickly becomes up to this rag-tag group to save the Wayward Inn from being turned into condos. 

Starring: Chike Nezianya, Josephine Stark, Brielle Herlein, Henry Nichols, TD Dematatis, Ainsley Hartke Crotty, Juan Ramirez, Nyla Jones, Thomas Shelton & James Shelton

Stage Managed By: Sophia Hall