College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Author and Artist Susan Eaddy Visits Lower School

Author and Artist Susan Eaddy Visits Lower School

Award-winning artist and children's book author Susan Eaddy recently spent two full days engaging with Lower School students. During her visit, she showed students how she creates and photographs her clay art and assisted students in making their own.

Susan Eaddy with Uma T. '31, right

Lower School Librarian Jun Niu first met Eaddy during a school visit when Niu worked in Hong Kong. She learned about her artistic process and ability to connect with students and was excited to bring her to Holton.

"I'm really happy that our Lower School students had a chance to work with her in person and also to know her story, her experience," said Niu. "You can tell at the end of the workshop they're just so relaxed. It's wonderful to get your hands dirty with clay."

Eaddy shared with students the extensive process of both writing and creating the art for books – researching, sketching, creating, photographing, working with a publisher, editing can take over a year. Lower School Director Christy Diefenderder wrote in her May letter about how these lessons helped teach our students about perseverance as well as pursuing one's passions.

"She often even writes to her friends who are critics for feedback," said Niu. "We all want to hear wonderful things and praise about what we do, but she actually asked her friends to tell her how to make her work better, what is not working, and how to improve. That's an important thing to learn."

Eaddy's assignment for Holton students involved making a place that feels like home. Many included their physical homes, pets, and family members. 

Uma T. '31 incorporated her dogs into her design. The third grader appreciated Eaddy's attention to detail as she taught her class.

"She explained it very, very carefully, so it was easy to understand," Uma said. "She really was teaching us about being an author and artist."