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Sophomore Creates Business Fair for Youth

Sophomore Creates Business Fair for Youth

Piya S. '24 has been an entrepreneur for years. Her nonprofit business, Pops by Piya, supports both her passions for baking and for giving back to the community. 

She further grew those passions by organizing a fair for other youth-owned businesses this year. Over 40 child entrepreneurs, ages 6-14, filled up 25 tables at the Shops at Wisconsin Place in Chevy Chase. Hundreds of shoppers browsed and shopped the market, buying beautiful artwork, handmade soaps, comic books, sweet treats, jewelry and accessories, and more.

Judges, including local CEOs and Piya herself, briefly interviewed each business and awarded prizes For "Highest Business Potential" and "Best Marketing Presentation."

Piya said that Acton Children's Business Fairs helped her when she first started selling her desserts, and wanted to give back to others.

"I think entrepreneurship is really big right now, and I think it's really good to teach young kids about it," she said. "I was really excited about the opportunity to spread that knowledge."

Piya is hoping to organize another fair in the future. Keep up with any updates here.