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Six Holton Singers and Musicians Named to 2019 Maryland All State Ensembles

Congratulations to the six Holton singers and musicians named to the 2019 Maryland All State Ensembles, organized by the Maryland Music Educators Association (MMEA):

Jessica Lian '23 – viola

Esther Kim '21 – oboe
Jaimie Lwin '21 – violin (All State for four consecutive years)

Lailah Fritz '19 – alto (All State for two consecutive years)

Ema Nakayama '21 – alto (All State for four consecutive years)
Elizabeth Zampella '19 – alto (All State for six consecutive years)

Every year, MMEA selects students for eight All State ensembles based on a rigorous audition process. Each group assembles for an intensive weekend of rehearsals with outstanding guest conductors and a final performance. This year, these were held throughout the late winter and spring.

Holton's music teachers are active in the organization and strongly support the All State program, encouraging students to audition, helping them prepare, and coaching them after selection. Faculty agree that preparing for the audition makes musicians stronger. Those who have the extraordinary opportunity to participate in All State ensembles continue to grow as musicians and return to school ready to be leaders and mentors in their ensembles here.

Brava to this year's All State participants!