College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

May Experiential Learning Opportunities

Holton’s May Experiential Learning Opportunities (MELO) program is a four-day exploration into special thematic learning programs that fall outside the traditional Holton curriculum and classroom environment. Students participate in activities that promote opportunities for growth, explore the community, develop self-awareness, and deepen relationships with classmates. Each MELO group creates a product that showcases their learning. These faculty-designed programs support the school-wide goals to encourage each student to Learn Well, Live Well, and Lead Well. As a way to create learning opportunities for authentic local community and civic engagement, the ninth and tenth-grade students participated in two exciting new MELO’s in June 2021. 

In Grade 9 MELO, "Discovering River Road," students learned about the history of River Road (and Montgomery County), explored the surrounding natural environment, and honored those who came before us through a creative art project. Together we examined how social, environmental, and economic factors can live in harmony, and learned how to promote the preservation of historical and cultural heritage as well as the environment. 

In Grade 10 MELO, "Mock Trial," students learned about civic engagement through participating in a mock trial created by Georgetown University graduate students. They talked to expert alums who play critical roles in our justice system. They also chose which role they wanted to play in the mock trial; judge, attorney, defendant/plaintiff, witness, media, and courtroom artist! In the end, students had a chance to reflect on their individual and collective experiences while examining the challenges of our judicial system.

A special thanks to our alums who participated: Diona Kakinohana (Class of ‘92), Kim Jackson (Class of ‘08), and Lauren-Brooke Eisen (Class of ‘93).