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Holton Sixth Graders Sweep Podium at Washington-Area Independent School Battle of the Books

Holton readers won the top three spots in the Washington-Area Independent School Battle of the Books competition on Wednesday, May 20! In this annual book trivia competition, fifth through eighth graders from local independent schools read 10 selected books and answered a series of trivia questions about these books. For this year’s contest, 11 Holton sixth graders have been preparing during regular lunch meetings starting in December and continued in virtual meetings throughout the spring.

The contest, re-imagined for a virtual setting, featured a lengthy Kahoot competition and a live Zoom talk and Q&A session with the award-winning author of Towers Falling, Jewell Parker Rhodes. The virtual celebration also featured videos from other authors, such as Stuart Gibbs, Veera Hiranandani, and Ashley Herring-Blake, who wrote a personal message to all the contestants about the power of books and reading.

A big congratulations to our podium winners, Maggie Shelton, Nell Choi, Sophia Kutko, and to the rest of the Holton BOB Squad: Sasha Koeva-Brooks '26, Anna Rosini, Kai Wells, Colette Lee, Alexandra Cox, Betty Rose Bean, Cece Huff and Radha Chakrabarty. Go book-loving Panthers!