College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

24 US Students Win 31 Scholastic Art Awards

The 2020 Scholastic Art Awards recognized 24 Holton Upper School artists for their work in painting, drawing, photography, ceramics, and fashion design. These students earned a total of 31 awards, including one Gold Key Award, which will now advance to national judging.

Since 1923, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards "have recognized the vision, ingenuity, and talent of the nation's youth, and provided opportunities for creative teens to be celebrated." They are presented annually by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, a nonprofit whose mission is to spotlight students with "exceptional artistic and literary talent." In addition to earning recognition, top award recipients are eligible for scholarships. Last year, more than 340,000 works were submitted to this prestigious competition; fewer than 3,000 receive national honors.

We congratulate all our awardees, as well as all students who entered, and their talented, dedicated teachers (Ben Ferry, Nandini Giridharadas, and Donna Maclean)!

A full list of awardees appears below.

See a slideshow of their award-winning work here:


Maya Anopolsky '21 - Honorable Mention, Blue Rain
Kate Bohigian '21 - Honorable Mention, Pushing Boundaries
Kate Bohigian '21 - Silver Key, No Escape
Michaela Corcoran '20 - Silver Key, Floating
Grace Darcey '20 - Honorable Mention, Ikebana
Grace Darcey '20 - Honorable Mention, Water
Natalie DeSarbo '21 - Honorable Mention, The Waterfall
Kelsey Frederick '21 - Honorable Mention, Fragments of Nature
Kelsey Frederick '21 - Honorable Mention, Happy As a Clam
Maryam Garavi '21 - Gold Key, Safe and Accessible Water
Anna Hoernig '22 - Honorable Mention, Poppies: The Poison Within
Serena Hong '22 - Honorable Mention, Poppies Poppin
Kyley Rymsza '20 - Silver Key, Chasing Waterfalls
Maya Valmon '20 - Honorable Mention, Geometric Waves


Portia Gharai '22 - Honorable Mention, Childhood


Lillian Broeksmit '20 - Silver Key, Ethereal Glow
Emery Cilluffo '20 - Honorable Mention, Expression
Catherine Crocker '21 - Honorable Mention, Anubis
Pascale Schmidt '20 - Honorable Mention, Attentive Goat
Wendy Wang '21 - Honorable Mention, Fishing
Wendy Wang '21 - Honorable Mention, Forks and Knives
Katherine Yoon '23 - Honorable Mention, What's in My Backpack?


Jemma Bazemore '20 - Honorable Mention, Hypnosis
Joanna Dematatis '21 - Honorable Mention, Bachelor in Paradise
Evan Israel '20 - Honorable Mention, The Blue City
Evan Israel '20 - Honorable Mention, Sunrise Hike
Mairead Levitt '21 - Honorable Mention, Beach Bike
Mairead Levitt '21 - Honorable Mention, Prizes
Mairead Levitt '21 - Silver Key, Candy Apples
Valerie Mello '21 - Honorable Mention, Who's There?

Fashion Design

Josephine Stark '21 - Honorable Mention, Holographic Disco Set