College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Arts Adjunct ACTivate Drama Workshop Policies & Procedures for Famlies

Arts Adjunct Program 2018-2019

Following are the policies and procedures for families and students involved in the ACTivate Drama Workshop in the Arts Adjunct Program.

The Fall Semester will begin the week starting September 17, 2018 and end the week starting December 17, 2018. The session will end with an INformance for parents and friends on December 17. A make-up lesson will be provided (if needed) on January 7.

The Spring Semester will begin the week starting January 28, 2019 and end the week starting May 13, 2019.  The session will end with an INformance for parents and friends on May 13. One make-up class will be provided (if needed) on May 20.

Scheduling/Cancellations/Make-Up Classes

  • Parents will maintain regular and prompt communication with the teacher regarding student progress and any anticipated absences, so the teacher can plan each class accordingly. If your daughter experiences a sudden illness on the day of the class, please notify the Adjunct Program office immediately.
  • Classes are cumulative, tuition is for the full semester, and there will be no refunds for missed classes.
  • If Holton-Arms cancels school or closes early for inclement weather or other event such as a power failure, teachers are required to make up one class per semester. Teachers are not required to make up more than one class per semester due to School closings.

Commitment to Program

  • Students will come prepared for their classes. This includes bringing class folder (if applicable) and wearing appropriate attire and shoes. Students should only use the restrooms by the Beebe Black Box Theater for changing into class attire if necessary.
  • If a student arrives late or unprepared for classes on a regular basis, the teacher has the right to remove the student from his/her roster.
  • Parents can expect the adjunct faculty member to schedule an observation class or informal showing at least once during the semester.

Security/Entering and Leaving Building

  • All classes must be taught on campus during regular building hours.
  • All students/family members will access the building through the main entrance and sign in at the security desk for classes starting after 4:00 p.m.
  • Parents are welcome to wait in the Creative Summer Lobby for their daughter to complete her class. Parents will not use this time to observe the class unless arrangements were made ahead of time with the teacher. Parents are expected to monitor the appropriate behavior of their student and other children while they are waiting in the Creative Summer lobby.
  • Students waiting for classes or waiting to be picked up may use the Creative Summer Lobby to wait for 15 minutes or less. However, there will not be adult supervision in this area. Appropriate behavior is expected in the lobby area at all times. If parents are not able to pick up their child within 15 minutes after the end of the class, students must return to Extended Day in the LS and be picked up there.
  • Students may wait in the Creative Summer Lobby for a maximum of 15 minutes regardless of whether they are waiting for a class to begin or whether they are waiting to be picked up.

Fees and Payment

  • Payment for the semester will be due prior to the first class. Payment will be made via credit card online or via check from an invoice generated at the time of online registration.
  • Semester tuition will be based on the number of classes in the session.
  • Teachers may not accept direct payment for classes.

Please contact the Director of Fine and Performing Arts with any requests for additional coaching and/or private coaching sessions.