College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Jennifer Bryan, Ph.D.

For 30+ years Jennifer Bryan, Ph.D. has been helping individuals, schools, and organizations thrive. In her work as a teacher, psychologist, consultant, and author Dr. Bryan uses a relational approach to understanding human developmental and supports children and adults alike as they learn, grow, and change. Currently she specializes in helping schools and organizations understand and address the complex and evolving landscape of gender and sexuality diversity. Communities committed to creating informed, inclusive, and productive learning and work environments benefit from Dr. Bryan’s highly customized, informative, and engaging consultation.

As Founder and Principal of Team Finch Consultants, Dr. Bryan works primarily with preK-12 school communities to help them understand and address the impact of gender and sexuality on all aspects of school life — from the pre-school dress-up corner, to the seventh-grade science classroom, to the senior prom. Her work includes professional development programs for faculty, staff, and administrators, consultation on curriculum and policy development, student programs, and parent and trustee education. Community members, regardless of their role, quickly discover the importance of this conversation. Exploration of human identity leads to what matters most in schools: mission, values, curriculum, policy, people.