College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

US Panthers of the Week for Dec. 7 & Jan. 12 (Winter Sports)

Panthers of the Week: Jan. 12

Basketball - Basketball would like to nominate Emme Pastor ’22 for Panther of the Week. Each and every practice, Emme shows up with a positive attitude and is ready to give it her all. Her work ethic, energy, and drive are contagious among her teammates. Emme is always quick to step up whenever we need volunteers and she is always asking the coaching staff how she can get better. Whether the team is working on their skills or pushing themselves during a cardio session, the coaches never doubt her effort! She is consistent in everything that she does and we are so lucky to have her in this program!

Club Winter Crew - For her unwavering commitment, excitement, and positive energy, the crew coaches would like to nominate Eleanor Tucker ’21 for Panther of the Week. She comes to practice daily, ready to put forth her most extraordinary effort no matter what the workout is! She is one of the first to reach out to both teammates and coaches, always striving to support the team and strive for excellence. Eleanor also keeps the team organized, motivated, and on the right course as the coxswain.

Ice Hockey - The hockey coaches would like to nominate Isabelle Evans ’24 for Panther of the Week. Isabelle is always present and ready to go with her camera on for virtual practices. Just before Winter Break, we had a few weekend practices at Laurel. When we are on the ice, Isabelle asks great questions about her form and is working hard on perfecting her wrist shot. During “open ice” skating at the beginning and end of practice, we always see her working on shooting against the boards, or asking her teammates for help with her form. Isabelle has improved so much since last season and we’re impressed by how hard she is working this season.

Indoor Track - For Panther of the Week, the Indoor Track Team would like to nominate Kate Hallbach ’22. Kate is a consistent and reliable leader who is an honor to coach.  Kate is a go-getter and can be called upon to fill in whenever it is necessary. Throughout her time on the team, Kate has found her voice and stepped in to lead the team. Even through our Hybrid@Holton time, Kate has found ways to stay connected and draw the team together. She gives her all and encourages her teammates to do so as well. Kate is a strength and backbone for our program and her growth is amazing to watch. She leads with grace and we are certainly fortunate to have her in our program.

Swimming & Diving - Swim & Dive would like to nominate Anne Lippard ’24 as Panther of the Week. Anne consistently pushes herself in practice both in-person, while in the water, and virtually, participating in dryland workouts.  She quietly goes about her business and always does it with the best attitude. Only a freshman, Anne is gaining the respect of her teammates as someone who simply “does what she is asked.” No matter what the practice, Anne is ready and willing to tackle anything.  We are so fired up to have her as a member of the US Swim & Dive team and know that she will continue to flourish and grow throughout the season.  Job well done, and this just goes to show you that coming to work every day and doing your job is noticed by your coaches. 

Panthers of the Week: Dec. 7

Basketball - Basketball would like to nominate Halle Daggitt '23 for Panther of the Week. Halle comes to practice everyday with a positive attitude and smile on her face. Every drill, Halle puts her best foot forward and is eager to work on her skill set. Halle is easygoing and always knows when it’s time to work, and when it’s time to joke around. The coaches are so excited to have Halle return to the basketball program and we look forward to working with her for the rest of the season. 

Club Winter Crew - The crew coaches would like to nominate Zoe Muhlner '24 for Panther of the Week. Always excited to tackle any workout with enthusiasm, Zoe has continued to work on her erg technique while improving her fitness and flexibility through circuits and yoga as well. In the Blue Week between Thanksgiving and Winter Break, Zoe was the only 9th- or 10th-grade rower on campus, yet she enthusiastically did the erg workouts, posting impressive splits for erging alone! For her energy, excitement, and willingness to push herself even when alone, Zoe is our pick for Panther of the Week! 

Ice Hockey -The hockey coaches would like to nominate Alyssa Wang '21 for Panther of the Week. Alyssa set a great example both on and off the ice. She was on time and prepared for every practice. During virtual practices, she angled her camera so that everyone could see her stickhandling. She has great stickhandling skills and the younger players benefitted from watching her do the drills! On the ice, Alyssa is inclusive and supportive of her teammates, cheering for her peers during sprints and congratulating the teammate who beat her in the shootout. Alyssa was recently elected captain of the team by her peers. Her coaches are extremely excited about this vote and know that she was elected to the position for her hardworking and kind nature.

Indoor Track - The indoor track team would like to nominate Sarah Flynn '23 for Panther of the Week. Sarah brings a fun energy and joy to her teammates and coaches. She understands her weaknesses and works hard to grow into a stronger and better athlete. Her self-awareness has led to a change in events last year and she continues to try new events this year. Sarah displays an openness and coachability that makes her both a great student-athlete and a wonderful person to be around. We look forward to a season full of fun, laughter, and growth with Sarah in our midst.

Swimming & Diving - Daniella Nichols '22 brings a certain buzz and energy to every practice--all positive, by the way. Even in a season that we know is going to look different from any other, it has not affected Daniella’s approach to practice. One of only a handful of 11th and 12th graders practicing in-person, she has worked incredibly hard, attending both morning and afternoon practices. As coaches, we talked about making these few in-water opportunities rewarding and fun for the swimmers, and Daniella approaches life in this manner. She has fun, and always does what is asked of her, has a smile on her face, and gives her best effort. COVID or no COVID, she continues to march on and does it with a great attitude. Way to go, Daniella!