College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

US Panthers of the Week for Feb. 8 (Winter Sports)

Basketball - Upper School Basketball is nominating Bilena Araya ’24 for Panther of the Week. The coaching staff was ecstatic to see that Bilena decided to continue playing in Upper School after improving a lot during her two years of Middle School Basketball. Throughout the entire winter season, Bilena has been working very hard to improve her skills, especially her shooting. Her form has improved over the course of the season and she has become a more consistent shooter. In addition, her shooting range has increased and she is able to step outside the paint and knock down open shots. More importantly, Bilena is a team player and a supportive teammate. She is always encouraging her peers and cheers them on during drills. Each time she steps into the gym, she brings a positive attitude and is ready to work. The coaching staff is so excited to have her back and can’t wait to see her in a Holton basketball uniform next year!

Club Winter Crew - The crew coaches would like to nominate Maggie Brett-Major ’22 for Panther of the Week. Through consistent effort both in her technique and fitness, Maggie has grown to be a strong rower, producing solid times with reliable form. Her dedication and commitment are impressive and certainly aid her improvements. She comes to practice ready to tackle any workout put before her and does so with commendable effort. As coaches, we have been pleased with and impressed by Maggie. For these reasons, Maggie is our Panther of the Week pick.

Ice Hockey - The hockey coaches would like to nominate Kate Bohigian ’21 for Panther of the Week. Kate is extremely dedicated to the team. As a captain, she has made a conscious effort to connect with her coaches and teammates in every grade level. Kate is reliable during virtual practices and is always willing to share her screen or suggest new workout routines. She has taken on the role of “team DJ” and adds in everyone’s song requests. On the ice, Kate is always on time, ready to work hard and cheer on her teammates. At the end of every practice, we have a shootout competition and Kate scored the most goals out of the upperclassmen. Kate has improved so much over the last four years and her coaches wish we could have seen her compete this year!

Indoor Track - Indoor Track would like to nominate Sophia Castro ’22 for Panther of the Week. Sophia has grown her confidence in her abilities and this season has operated as an amazing leader and captain who communicates with coaches and teammates constantly. She bridges us together beautifully. Sophia takes initiative and possesses great leadership instincts, allowing her to be someone her teammates can look up to. Although we have not been able to compete, Sophia still puts great effort into all her event trainings and continues to improve. She has an amazing future with the sport if she chooses to continue with it. We are lucky to have her with us and look forward to finishing out the season in fun and style with her.   

Swim & Dive - Swim & Dive would like to nominate Rin Iimi ’22 as Panther of the Week.  Rin has continued to train for both Holton and her club team throughout these challenging times. In our recent Blue/White Meet when the 11th grade swam against the 12th grade, it was evident that her hard work over the last few months has paid off. She was a standout in our meet and produced some very impressive swims. Rin is known for her “fly under the radar” personality, but as coaches, we know that she is a huge contributor to an incredibly successful team. We give her a ton of credit for continuing to work hard to achieve her goals and finding a way to continue to be very involved in this program, even when things have been challenging. We hope and pray we will have a normal swim and dive season next year for her senior year; we have no doubt that she will do great things. Keep up the good work, Rin!